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5 Ekim 2017 tarihinde düzenlendi

This app works *most* of the time in the most frustrating ways possible. It has created more headaches for my store than it has solved, and I finally felt compelled to write a review after the most recent one sent me over the edge and made me look stupid with both my customer and my sellers.

I recently found that the app does not collect about 2% of my order data, which results in the seller not being able to see an order that a customer has placed. Big problem. Once I caught it, I was able to inform the sellers to rush out the products to customers, but I really only caught it by chance due to the volume I'm doing (which isn't even that much).

Other big pains:
* The app is developed by some folks in India who do not have 24/7 customer support. Over a recent holiday weekend for India, I was without support for a variety of issues for four days (sent tickets Friday afternoon my time, didn't hear back from app vendor until Tuesday morning my time)
* The app claims to do "seller payments" ... that's really not true. It only lets the seller put in their banking info so you can manually wire them money. I found this out too late, after I had promised sellers that we could do automatic payments, and now I have to go back on my word.
* The password reset function doesn't work sometimes. As a result, my seller has been locked out of their store since Friday (due to lack of support mentioned above)

I had hoped that this app would facilitate my entire back-end until I was making enough revenue to build a custom one. Since I can't pay sellers through it, I can't get the seller shipping to work, and more ... I just use it as a fancy secure way for sellers to push data to Shopify. Had I known it would be this much of a headache, I would've rather done all of that maintenance myself and avoided using this app. Now I'm stuck with it and I'm writing this review in hopes of spurring the developer to put some work into it.

EDIT: I am downgrading my review from 2 stars to 1 star.

After a week of troubleshooting the issue with the dev team, in which they'd claim the issue was fixed and it wasn't (really hard to continuously troubleshoot an issue with someone whose hours don't overlap with yours at all), my store has ALSO decided to randomly and erroneously reassign every product to a new, random seller. So now I've got sellers who sell competing products looking at all the product details (including commission settings) of their competitors, and they know their competitors are doing the same. Of course, because it's normal hours for me the dev team is nowhere to be found, so I'm manually trying to Reassign every product and the app is now timing out and delivering errors. The only silver lining is that my Shopify store hasn't yet been affected (i.e. the customers are still seeing the items correctly assigned).

Local Joe
Amerika Birleşik Devletleri
Uygulamayı kullanma süresi:Neredeyse 2 yıl
3 Eylül 2020

I have the most expensive subscription that includes 24/7 support. Unfortunately, for inexplicable reasons, certain functions do not work, so I tried to contact support SEVERAL times and still haven't received a single answer.

Uygulamayı kullanma süresi:1 yıldan fazla
Webkul Software Pvt Ltd yanıt 3 Eylül 2020

Hi, Apologies for the dissatisfied experience with the App. But this is not the kind of support that we promise to provide and I would like to dig deep into this, as this is not a possibility that the support wont reply.
Please respond to the support email sent to you and let us help you with the App.

6 Aralık 2018 tarihinde düzenlendi

They have this 2 girls name Pooja and Neha in-charge and they are petty and rude. I installed this app and paid for three months and there is no phone number to contact support. They only email and nothing is clear about setup and follow up. Their communication is horrible and I wasted my time and money for three months. CAUTION!

Amerika Birleşik Devletleri
Uygulamayı kullanma süresi:1 yıldan fazla
1 Haziran 2018 tarihinde düzenlendi

Revisit on 6/1
Seller profile page is significantly slow. it is more than a minuite. It's US Friday, they don't fix this issue until next business day. sucks.
I also use their Shopify sync app. I am charged monthly. The app has a lot of problems. The seller can never successfully sync at one time. I had to follow up many times. The order was not created in the seller's shop and I had to apologize the seller. Webkul just said this issue has been resolved. they never express an apology nor offer a discount. I just have to continue to pay for the incomplete app. I don't recommend.

Revisit on 4/14/18.
I edit star rating from 2 to 1.
Very unstable and unreliable app. what happened the past 2 days.
1. one particular commission didn't come to me. how can I recover??
2. all seller's logo shows their strange thumbnail all of sudden. they fixed though. no guarantee when it will happen again.
3. sellers' page don't show any products. this should be the seller's showcase and it is the most important page.
4. the seller reported he can't log in the seller page, thus, can't fulfill the order

well, this is happening on weekend. they won't reply until Monday. it is a nightmare. You'll never imagine such things. I wish I had known before I engaged...

I edit rating from 3 to 2. although I read all reviews before I decided to use the app, I've been patient. At their request I considered to change my first review rating better and tried to work with them. I am in the U.S. their response's speed, mainly Nitika, is sometimes a next day due to a time lag, no response over the weekend. sometimes, 2 days, sometimes answered all, or didn't answer all my questions, which really not working. she mentioned I can be connected via phone over the weekend. nobody responded. they have US call number but nobody responded, so I called them in India if they didn't answer my tickets.

if you think to use this app, you need to know:
their commission is computed on the price, so, a third party app or Shopify code are not affected. generally, sellers expect a commission is based on the final price. but this app doesn't compute a discount, so, you or sellers have to manually change price and compare at price for a limited time sales.

On seller's page, there are no sorting feature of products. imagine your sellers have lots of products, a buyer has to go through many pages. I asked to add it, I was told this is a paid order.

there are some product custom fields available in the app. I found errors on the front-end and opened the tickets. she fixed only some products. I have no time to check a single product whether they properly fixed or not since I no longer rely on. Finding error and bugs is not my job. Until they fix, I can't even start an operation. I'm still waiting for her response.

I ordered some custom feature without knowing their problem. one of these was delivered with critical problems. they haven't answered yet. I don't suggest to order custom paid features. Basically, until you ask a question, they don't explain in advance. thus, you will be surprised when you knew you lost some features for exchange since you were not informed beforehand.

My developer complains about their API as well.

Unfortunately, I feel that they are not thinking Shopify app users are important and respectful. My surprises are countless. they know their customer services are poor since they are looking at the reviews. they just don't improve their supports' quality, instead, ask to increase rating...

Amerika Birleşik Devletleri
Uygulamayı kullanma süresi:1 yıldan fazla
18 Ocak 2018

I've used this app for a year now and from day 1 it's been just a pain.

From charging me in the middle of trial, to constant and repeated bugs and issues from shipping not getting collected for sellers, to performance issues and massive slowdown, I highly do not recommend this application it's more work than it's honestly worth.

And instead of improving the system and fixing their issues they just rolled out a new UI and when they do try and fix something more things get broken in the process which they try and but the blame on you.

Card A Ma Jigs
Uygulamayı kullanma süresi:1 yıldan fazla
24 Mayıs 2022 tarihinde düzenlendi

We've tried out this app and soon found it can't satisfy our requirements.
So we quit the usage, this was last year (2021). We found invoices for April and May in 2022 simply out of blue. Or course, annoying and frustrating experinecs. Hope they will settle down this quickly.

Güney Kore
Uygulamayı kullanma süresi:1 yıldan fazla
Webkul Software Pvt Ltd yanıt 3 Haziran 2022

Hey, Please excuse us for the less satisfied experience regarding billing of the app. However, We would like to inform you that, We don't manage the billing of the app on our end. The billing gets managed from the shopify end only.

Furthermore, As we have checked, You have un-installed the app on the same day you posted this review so the charges seems to be correct.

Request you to please reply on the support ticket so that we can sort out the things for you..!!- Team Webkul

10 Aralık 2020 tarihinde düzenlendi

Decided to change my review from 5 to 2 stars. The app is not stable anymore as it used to be, every upgrade they do breaks existing functionality and the support is very slow. They are also not communicating any upgrades properly, so you cannot prepare for the changes. Updated my rating to 1 star, as we had another maintenance that just broke the entire site for a long time, again no real communication happened before that, they just do whatever they like whenever they like.

Birleşik Krallık
Uygulamayı kullanma süresi:Yaklaşık 1 yıl
22 Mayıs 2020 tarihinde düzenlendi

Update!! do not use if you want a professional working application! **** It’s dropped a star, now it’s garbage when you pay $45 a month!- why? Emails with an underScore “ _ “ not recognised when verifying which means two lost clients. updated with an “update” after the issue was reported but this is basic! Variants on products deleted/removed on any update = sellers have to re enter. I’ll up date this - a $45 a month app take ALOT of hours to make it work*****
I’ve a very live site thinking it was stable and of a quality. It is not.
It’s ok but not great. If I had the foresight I have now I would have chosen a different product. What’s good- interface is user friendly, it does do what it is supposed to do. See caveats belo.
What’s poor-
1. Full of bugs (most of which have been addressed after tickets raised, however they we simple corrections. QA seems to be lacking)
2. Inbuild css is not always compatible across all devices.
3. The price point is for a premium product. It doesn’t reflect the quality expected for the price paid monthly.
4. Syncing with Shopify does not always seem successful. Missing images, descriptions, uploading images not loading etc. having to contact support to fix with 25 vendors and 350 products and growing. I don’t expect to have to manually check ever one!
5. Unable to add customer fields to invoices.. it still contains fax numbers as a default but no email.. legacy coding perhaps?.
Having raised over 25 support tickets over the last few months it seems I spend a lot of time debugging / questioning software which for $45 is steep for the bugs and formatting issues. Hopefully either webkul pick up their game or an alternative developer produces something of better quality.

Hand Made in WA
Uygulamayı kullanma süresi:Yaklaşık 1 yıl
30 Ekim 2017 tarihinde düzenlendi

se o app funcionace com rapides seria o melhor dos 3 disponiveis no shopify , minha notra baixa se deve a lentidão do sistema, se o app funcionace com rapides ao cadastrar e editar produtos seria realmente a melhor app de ecomerce, tenho perdido alguns vendedores que desistem de cadasytrar tamanha é a lentidão para cadastrar e editar produtos, ja pedi suporte algumas x para melhorar a velocidade da app e estou aguardando esta melhora assim que melhorar isto sera o melhor app por enquanto somente uma extrela devido a lentidão quando melhorar esta lentidão com certeza farei uma nova revisão

Lingerie Ponto Com
Uygulamayı kullanma süresi:12 ay
10 Aralık 2020

App not bad, but seems reply not engage! and didnt solve my problem. only once are helpful to login and help me solve THEIR SYSTEM PROBLEM. please do a SUPER IDIOT PROOF step by step, not every seller are coding train. spend too much time on it. gonna source for althernative. also seems the DATA is hidden cost, if exceed certain picture space we will been charge. HORRIBLE !

FB Live Market
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