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27 Ağustos 2022 tarihinde düzenlendi

After spending 2 months on the app here are the pros and cons:
-It's one of the few marketplace apps that works with Shopify .
- No onboarding.
- UX is confusing as hell for both the shop owner and vendor. If your vendor isn't highly incentivized (i.e. carrying a lot of inventory), they'll never use it or want to figure out how to use it. I'm not a newbie to ecommerce and have worked at top ecommerce sites, as well as several unicorn startups and this UX is bad.
- It doesn't truly work with Shopify's UPS. Will need to explain this more and break it down:
1. You'll need to open your own UPS account. This means you can't take advantage of Shopify's low UPS carrier rates. Despite a vendor over-estimating weight on an item, I wound up paying $50 more in shipping.
2. Multivendor Marketplace charges an additional $10/month to integrate with UPS so you can "automate" pre-printed shipping labels. 3. Despite enabling UPS shipping multiple times already in the Multivendor Marketplace UX, it still doesn't work. So I'm paying $10/month for something that doesn't work and can't fulfill the order. It wouldn't be so bad if I could get assistance and fix it. However....
- They don't work US hours. So if you're ever need immediate help, (i.e. need to get an order out on a Friday morning, you're SOL).
- They take more holidays than anyone I've ever known. I wouldn't care if they had coverage, but they don't. Some of these holidays last over a week. So again, if you need immediate assistance, you're spending half of your day chatting w/ Shopify support, your vendor, UPS, or whomever else it may concern to figure out a workaround, until they decide to show up at the office.
-They offer 1:1s but on India time. So if you really do need to fix something and emails aren't cutting it, you'll need to stay up real late, like midnight, in order to speak to someone. It's to the point, I've posted on LinkedIn looking for a software engineer to build something, because it just doesn't work and I can't get support within a reasonable time.

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29 Nisan 2019

I added the app thinking I might give it a try but struggled with it and thought I cancelled out before the free trial ended. I got billed. I contacted Shopify, had to do backflips to prove to them I was the owner of the account, then got punted to the app admin who denied request for refund. Hardest $10 I ever never intended to spend. Sucky McSuck Face Customer Service.

Sustainable Exchange
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Uygulamayı kullanma süresi:Yaklaşık 1 ay
Webkul Software Pvt Ltd yanıt 3 Mayıs 2019

Hello, thank you for your review. But as we have checked you have installed the app on the store from 17 March 2019 to 23 April 2019 (, this is why you have been charged as you have the app installed on the store even after the 15 days trail expired. And in case you do not wish to use the app, then its advisable to remove the app once the trail period is about to get over.
Hope this explains the situation more clearly.
And in case you feel like giving the app another shot, please reach out to us. We are glad to assist you.

29 Aralık 2020

I thought I would find a simple application, it's a real gas plant. When we change plan (upgrade) from the top, or from the bottom, we are charged each time. For some options, one is forced to take the highest Shopify plan. I will not speak of the after-sales service which takes its time to respond and which does not provide a solution.
In short, to avoid! I uninstall. Je pensais trouver une application simple, c'est une vraie usine à gaz. Quand on change de plan (mise à niveau) par le haut, ou par le bas, on est facturé à chaque fois. Pour certaines options, on est obligé de prendre le plan Shopify le plus élevé. Je ne parlerai pas du SAV qui prend son temps pour répondre et qui ne donne pas de solution.
Bref, à éviter! Moi je désinstalle.

Les e-vernales
Uygulamayı kullanma süresi:Yaklaşık 1 ay
Webkul Software Pvt Ltd yanıt 29 Aralık 2020

Hi, Thank you for the review.

- In case you will have been charged while the plan upgrade or downgrade, you will surely get a credit for the difference amount within few days of the amount deducted, this is how Shopify Billing API works. Also please make a note that all the payments are managed with the Shopify billing API, not from our end.

- Also you need not to take the highest plan to use the app, you can use the app with the basic shopify plan, its not at all necessary for you to take the highest shopify plan.

Hope things are now clear, so we would love to see you using the app again. Please get in touch in case of any help.

Team Webkul

12 Eylül 2017

In the description this App sounds like a Multi-Vendor dream, with literally everything you could wish for. Whoever, created this App did some excellent research. Unfortunately, that's where the positive feedback has to end because this application is not fit for purpose. It has a terrible product upload process. You can literally forget about uploading a CSV file.

If you want to brave the headache, I would strongly suggest you don't let any of your Vendors near this application and you handle all of the upload yourself. Shopify need to introduce a compatible Market Place application.

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Uygulamayı kullanma süresi:Yaklaşık 1 ay
21 Mart 2023

So many spelling mistakes, very basic functionality unless you install plugins which can amount to $400 US a month plus a subscription of $75 for the app (if you want 10 sellers). And without plugins this is basically useless. No call feature for support, only email

Uygulamayı kullanma süresi:Yaklaşık 1 ay
23 Mayıs 2018

We have been trying for weeks to get this app up and running with a test vendor. Support is very unhelpful. I have asked a number of times to have a call with support and I am unable to get someone on the phone. They sent one line emails back that do NOT help. We are currently looking for a new app to do what this one claims. I would love it if this would work, but we can not get products or images uploaded. On top of that, I can not get an answer if inventory levels will link together.

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Uygulamayı kullanma süresi:Yaklaşık 1 ay
17 Aralık 2020

I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS APP FOR ANYONE! There are better ones out there. Terrible customer service. Help docs do not help at all or answer my questions. My plan started at $10/mo but after all the help docs told me I needed to upgrade my plan to $45/mo and add shipping $10, local pick-up $10, multi cart $15, this turned out to be an expensive $79/mo product with no customer support to answer my questions but just keeps asking me to add more and more money. They also needed me to activate the $20 real-time shipping with Shopify. Luckily I didn't do this or I would've paid +$99USD per month for nothing!! I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS APP FOR ANYONE! There are better ones out there.

Proud Local YYC
Uygulamayı kullanma süresi:29 gün
Webkul Software Pvt Ltd yanıt 18 Aralık 2020

Hi, Hope you are doing great.
Lets discuss the concerns point by point :
1) As we have checked the last conversation we had from you is on 22nd Nove 2020, after that we have not received any query from your end, and we can see that the average response time in your support was 3-4 hours, which is considered to be great. So, correct me if im wrong and if we have missed any email from your end.
2) You can very well manage the shipping from the shipping methods available on the Shopify store, there is no need for any real time carrier calculated feature to be added. But as you wanted the advance feature to having the sellers manage their shipping rates, then this is something restricted from the Shopify end, that we can get the API to calculate the rates at real time only when you have enabled real time carrier calculated shipping on your store. So, this is something that is required from Shopify end, since you wanted some high end feature.
3) We can easily increase the app pricing and can add all the add-on features as mandatory part of the package, but we have kept the app pricing as low as feasible and have provided easy plug and play options, so you only pay for the feature you are using, not for some high end package, which is of no use to you.
We are looking forward to helping you with the App, please contact us from the Support details mentioned on the page.

16 Ocak 2020

Not worth the price, can get all the features on Wordpress for free.
I don’t mind paying for the convenience but the price is just to high.

The “basic package” gives you 3 sellers for $10
The middle package gives you 10 sellers for $30
The “pro” package gives you unlimited sellers for $40

Basic is a complete waste of time because if you’re launching a market place you obviously need more than 3 sellers, the next one up is a waste of money because people setting up small stores have no idea how many sellers they are going to have if any, and the unlimited is just to big a jump for small sellers until they have established their store.

If they read these reviews I’d recommend a 4th option. Pay per seller. $1-$3 per month per user (based on their current prices)

Would get a lot more users that way

Birleşik Krallık
Uygulamayı kullanma süresi:28 gün
Webkul Software Pvt Ltd yanıt 20 Ocak 2020

We really appreciate the time you took to write the review..!!

I would like to tell you that earlier, we do have a plan in which the merchant needs to pay per seller but our merchants found that more costly as on an average each merchant have 50+ sellers so a lot of our merchants have requested that they want to any unlimited sellers plan for their marketplace and since then it's been five years and no one has complained about the same.

So, if you calculate a price per seller then the average cost per seller is 0.25-0.5$. If we charge 1$-3$ per seller then in case of even 50+ sellers, surely will be a lot more than just $45 which we currently provide.

Moreover, We would like to discuss more on this idea with you. Our team has contacted you via our support ticket system. Please respond so that we can discuss all your concerns.


30 Nisan 2020

I found it very complicated and customer service was not helpful. I un-installed over wasting almost two weeks.

Amerika Birleşik Devletleri
Uygulamayı kullanma süresi:24 gün
Webkul Software Pvt Ltd yanıt 1 Mayıs 2020

Hi, Thank you for the review.
Please excuse for the less satisfied experience with the app.
Can you please identify the exact issue and respond to the support team email. The app might seem to be complicated but once you start using it, im sure you will understand it better. As the app caters the needs of numerous industries, so loaded with multiple features, this is why it might seem complicated to you.
As we can check from the email threads the support team has been trying to help you everytime and was active and responsive in helping you in every possible manner.
Request you to email us with the concerns and we will try and resolve them.

3 Şubat 2017

HORRIBLE. Their service is horrible, as they don't even help, they only reply with definitions. Not to mention their response time is every 12 hours. So when you're sleeping, they will reply. When you awake and reply, they are unavailable. There is no number to contact. It is a vicious cycle to get one question answered. Their calculations are off but don't care to admit it or fix it. Don't waste your time!

Summer James
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