Multi Vendor Marketplace

Multi Vendor Marketplace

by Webkul Software Pvt Ltd

Convert your ECommerce Store to a Fully Fledged Marketplace

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King Kong Shop 176

Don't waste your time and money with this app! Find the other alternative app. There are many hidden cost that you didn't see and your storage space will be run out fast and you will to pay more for storage. Customer service is very slow and don't know what you exactly need.


Edited *previous issue was addressed*

Following remain:

Webkul has blown up my inbox with 300 emails in a day, locking me out of sending emails from GMAIL. Slow slow replies on customer support tickets too...

After apps etc, it was more about $300-500 a month than the price listed, all the apps inside are needed for basic functions like shipping.

Wine & Spirits Delivery

Worst application I have ever used in my life. It isn’t intuitive, it isn’t user friendly, the customer service reps keep giving you pre-scripted responses as if you’re a moron and not worth their time.

Everything is complicated, what should be one click of the mouse instead required 75 steps.

And I mean EVERYTHING requires 75 steps. EVERYTHING

It’s as if they intentionally designed it to be complex.

Here’s the kicker. They take more time in responding to these reviews, then they do in actually helping people use their app.

You want to know why Steve Jobs was a genius? Because he took incredibly difficult things in the back end and made them so easy to use on the front end that a chimpanzee could literally do it.

That my friend, was a genius. Whoever started the Multi Vendor app, is no Steve Jobs.

I will literally throw a party tonight celebrating the fact that this app has been deleted from my website.

I feel like a new man, I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I feel like I can actually start enjoying my life again.

Developer reply

February 24, 2020

Hi, Thank you for the review. Please excuse for the less satisfied experience that you have with the app.
As you have mentioned about the lengthy 75 step procedure, I think there is a confusion, as no process in the app needs 75 steps to be done. I would really like to help you understand the app better.
The Support is team is super responsive in helping you, as we can check from the support tickets since you were happy with it :
We value the time of all our customers and this is why we try and respond back within 24 hours of time and the same was in your case too.
The Support is trying to reach you via ticket, please do respond so we can assist you.
Looking forward to serve you.


Not worth the price, can get all the features on Wordpress for free.
I don’t mind paying for the convenience but the price is just to high.

The “basic package” gives you 3 sellers for $10
The middle package gives you 10 sellers for $30
The “pro” package gives you unlimited sellers for $40

Basic is a complete waste of time because if you’re launching a market place you obviously need more than 3 sellers, the next one up is a waste of money because people setting up small stores have no idea how many sellers they are going to have if any, and the unlimited is just to big a jump for small sellers until they have established their store.

If they read these reviews I’d recommend a 4th option. Pay per seller. $1-$3 per month per user (based on their current prices)

Would get a lot more users that way

Developer reply

January 20, 2020

We really appreciate the time you took to write the review..!!

I would like to tell you that earlier, we do have a plan in which the merchant needs to pay per seller but our merchants found that more costly as on an average each merchant have 50+ sellers so a lot of our merchants have requested that they want to any unlimited sellers plan for their marketplace and since then it's been five years and no one has complained about the same.

So, if you calculate a price per seller then the average cost per seller is 0.25-0.5$. If we charge 1$-3$ per seller then in case of even 50+ sellers, surely will be a lot more than just $45 which we currently provide.

Moreover, We would like to discuss more on this idea with you. Our team has contacted you via our support ticket system. Please respond so that we can discuss all your concerns.



Trying to setup the app but the support is ridiculous. iv asked for a demo / setup help 4-5 times on email but all i get everytime is a scripted reply with some demo links.
The phone is almost never picked up. the UI of the app is so poor with so many options that an ordinary user like is me is absolutely lost on where to start and what to do.
Quite afraid about the support in case i ever run into any issues while using the app

Max Level Gamer

This app is trash. It offers such a basic version of a multi-vendor marketplace but is missing vast amounts of features. An example is that my sellers can't even see their quantity of inventory in their portal. I don't want to be a seller. I want to be the manager, but with this app. you have to be a seller. Their instructions are super basic. If you do not know anything about programming. This app will give you trouble. I spend over 12 hours just trying to figure out how to show other sellers on my product page. I emailed them several times. They only emailed me back when I sent an email to hire them. There is no customer service, no plug, and play. This app is a massive waste of time. let's hope they finally email me for this 1 star

Developer reply

January 3, 2020

Hi, Thanks for the review.
I think there is some confusion here as the Sellers can easily manage the inventory at their end with ease.
And being the store owner, you have all the access and rights on the app and can add products on sellers behalf too.
We even provide free help in app installation, in case you have any issue in the same.
The team is trying to get in touch, request you to please respond to the support emails so we can help you.
Looking forward to hearing from you.


Je n'en dirais pas plus... Mais de manière à ne pas induire les gens en erreur, cette unique étoile est justifiée.

Developer reply

December 18, 2019

Hi, Thank you for the review.
We express our most sincere concern in knowing the reason for the unsatisfaction with the app, as we can check you have not reached out to the support team.
In case you need any help, please feel free to contact us on the details provided on the app store :
Looking forward to hearing from you.


I don't like because i am in trial free days version, but when i try to contact support center they send me Email to show them purchase slip.
I replied them from that Email that i have to ask questions about technical support, although i am trial version. But for self satisfaction resolve my problems or to satisfy me. No reply then.
There must Technical support for newly App users although in free trial.
I'll sure rate from 1 star to 5 stars if now in free trial the support center resolve my problem.

Captain Birthday

I installed the app, and it didn't work. I couldn't get support to respond. Then, I wrote an honest critical review. Support wrote to me every day trying to get the review removed, but they still didn't get the app to work. They convinced me to reinstall the app. It was installed in one of my joint shopify accounts. Even though I uninstalled the app, I was charged $40 to one of my other accounts. So, I am livid about this. I keep trying to get them to remove the charge. I can barely get them to respond to me. They keep asking me to remove my review. They are so shortsighted. Come on! I think they can only make money by tricking people into accidentally paying for a month. It's too bad they can't create a legit app, which I would be happy to pay for monthly.


This app is not working with Porto Theme. My sellers can't view their profile page on my marketplace. I tried the Jumpstart theme, still not working.

Developer reply

September 22, 2019

Hi, Thanks for reaching out to us. As we can check from the review written here, the issue arose as you have changed the theme.
You need to add the code related to the app in every theme that you use.
You just changed the theme and might have not added the code, this is why the seller profile page is not working.
Please check the seller profile page is working fine now, as we have added it in the current theme.
Do get in touch with the support team if you need any help.

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