Multi Vendor Marketplace

Multi Vendor Marketplace

by Webkul Software Pvt Ltd

Convert your ECommerce Store to a Fully Fledged Marketplace

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Mr. The Shop

I wanted to love this app I really did. I was banking on it literally for it to work and I couldn’t wait to write a glowing review. Unfortunately, this is the total opposite due to the following reasons:
- app is not user friendly. The seller page and marketplace admin page can look sleeker or at least allow the admin to customize it to make it resemble your brand.
- there could be a lot more customization options
- the emails sent to the seller looked wonky. For example only some of our logo showed via phone email so it looked weird. I contacted the developer and still have yet to hear from them. The claim 24/7 service but they are not. God forbid you or your sellers are having tech isssues you would be screwed.
- the seller page dashboard had the menu bar hidden so you had to hover over what could be the menu bar to click on setting up the account.
- The worst part that did it for me was the integration between Stripe and this app. Stripe is used to automate the payments and got it to set up on my part, but when I tested it as a seller it kept giving me an error message from stripe. I contacted stripe and they were super helpful, BUT the process to finish integration is so complicated I would’ve had to hire a design team that costs $65,000 (believe me I inquired). if you’re tech savvy then go for it but it was way too cumbersome for my blood.


I don't like because i am in trial free days version, but when i try to contact support center they send me Email to show them purchase slip.
I replied them from that Email that i have to ask questions about technical support, although i am trial version. But for self satisfaction resolve my problems or to satisfy me. No reply then.
There must Technical support for newly App users although in free trial.
I'll sure rate from 1 star to 5 stars if now in free trial the support center resolve my problem.

Captain Birthday

I installed the app, and it didn't work. I couldn't get support to respond. Then, I wrote an honest critical review. Support wrote to me every day trying to get the review removed, but they still didn't get the app to work. They convinced me to reinstall the app. It was installed in one of my joint shopify accounts. Even though I uninstalled the app, I was charged $40 to one of my other accounts. So, I am livid about this. I keep trying to get them to remove the charge. I can barely get them to respond to me. They keep asking me to remove my review. They are so shortsighted. Come on! I think they can only make money by tricking people into accidentally paying for a month. It's too bad they can't create a legit app, which I would be happy to pay for monthly.


This app is not working with Porto Theme. My sellers can't view their profile page on my marketplace. I tried the Jumpstart theme, still not working.

Developer reply

September 22, 2019

Hi, Thanks for reaching out to us. As we can check from the review written here, the issue arose as you have changed the theme.
You need to add the code related to the app in every theme that you use.
You just changed the theme and might have not added the code, this is why the seller profile page is not working.
Please check the seller profile page is working fine now, as we have added it in the current theme.
Do get in touch with the support team if you need any help.


Complete garbage. The app works fine I suppose, despite being glitchy, but the real issue is the company that made this. The most I can get from them is one email a day, and they wanted to charge me $3.5k for a really simple custom job. Took them almost 2 weeks to do the 20 minutes of works to tell me how much the custom job would cost, and that’s what they tell me. Ridiculous.

Avoid this company at all costs. Their instructions are gibberish, and their support team doesn’t give two licks about you.

Developer reply

September 5, 2019

Hi, Thank you for the feedback. But we would have appreciated it more if the same has been provided for Multivendor App, not the feedback for other apps on multivendor app.
We would like to address some of the points mentioned in the review :
1) The most I can get from them is one email a day, and they wanted to charge me $3.5k for a really simple custom job.
>> I think there is some misunderstanding in the same, the custom work was way too much as you mentioned "really simple custom job". The custom work included building an auction type which included penny auction functionality with the token use for the customer. This included heavy custom work to be done.
2) Took them almost 2 weeks to do the 20 minutes of works to tell me how much the custom job would cost, and that’s what they tell me.
The support team has been quite responsive in discussing the custom work with you. While doing any custom work in the running application, it takes time to decide how to accommodate it within the running app, so that it wont hinder the apps current features. And on 27th August you emailed us first time and on 3rd September the pricing was given, which is 8 days (including weekends) and certainly not 2 weeks as mentioned.
3) Their instructions are gibberish, and their support team doesn’t give two licks about you.
We do value all our customers, including you and that reflects in the positive feedback that we have received from our clients. We believe in providing best of support and point by point guidelines to the customers that would help them understand the app and its features.
Having said the above, We wish to serve you again in future and wishing you good luck.

Victor Malpensa

Multivendor App is ok. Support is kind until you pay a pro plan. We hope to replace this app with a custom one as soon as possible. They ask to pay for adding the Order Id (something already standard that could be done probably in one minute!) to the email to the seller. If you pay for the most expensive plan you expect a bit more.

Notebook Love

We're trying the app but setting it up is time consuming and not really friendly. Also there are a lot of features that don't work properly. I was fine for a short while because at least someone was getting back to us when we had issues and something to fixe. After that dead silent. Additionally the app says that they provide 24/7 support but when we tried to contact them on Friday afternoon and follow up that contact Saturday we never received any responses. So it looks like they don really provide the "24/7 support" as the say. In the same line they only respond during normal office hours. So if there are not really consistent with that, with what else would they not be consistent. Great concept but we now have a big trust issues " Multi Vendor Marketplace"... Further, there seems to be a lot of features but the guides are not really self-explanatory, which means that it crucial to get help from the developer to be available for guidance, etc... but again it's difficult to really on them for this.... After, the hard work of trying set it up for over a week we now have to come to the conclusion to terminate the use of the app before the end of the trial


I am unable to get the app to appear in my Shopify store. I have written to support every day. They responded once with a snippet of links found in their FAQ section. They did not even address my concerns personally. I can't upload my shop. I asked how to charge for taxes by state. This app is very expensive. They nickle and dime you for every feature. For a functioning site, you will be paying at least $1200 per year on top of your Shopify store. I had 7 shops I wanted to merge with this app, but I guess they are not invested in recruiting new customers. I am off to disconnect the app.


Frustrating app. Crashed my store twice. I do not recommend using it. It take slot of time and simply insecure app.

Developer reply

July 15, 2019

Hi, please excuse for the less satisfied experience that you have with the App.
As we have checked, we noticed that you installed the app just for 4 mins : and in this short span of time you wouldn't even have added the code for the app. So, its very unlikely that the multivendor app is responsible for any such thing. And most importantly, the app wont have any effect on your store front, till the time you add the code in the liquid files and even when you have added the code then also there are almost negligible chances of any such case. So, I would really appreciate if you can look into this and know if multivendor is the reason or there was some app behind this.
The support team would really like to know the exact issue so that they can assist you accordingly. The support team is in constant touch, would love to hear from you there, so request you to respond.


Extremely poor customer support and poor UI & UX, but there is no option better than this. Please, guys someone plz make a better multivendor app. They are enjoying a monopoly. But the app is simply time-consuming and very frustating. Topping is no support.

Developer reply

June 19, 2019

Hi, Thanks for the reply. Please excuse for less satisfied experience with the app.
But as I can check the support tickets, it seems that support has been highly responsive in replying you and have even asked you to schedule a chat session, but since then we have not heard from your end, refer the screenshot for the same :
As you have the app installed on your store, the support team will get in touch with you.

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