Multi Vendor Marketplace

Multi Vendor Marketplace

by Webkul Software Pvt Ltd

Convert your ECommerce Store to a Fully Fledged Marketplace

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Mr. The Shop

We wanted to like this app, but the amount of glitches and support tickets I had to submit was beyond ridiculous. I created a folder in our emails just because there were issues all over this app. YOU NEED TO KNOW CODING TO GET THE FULL FUNCTIONALITY!!!! If they tell you otherwise it is a full-fledged LIE. At one point they kept giving me conflicting info. At first to change the color and formatting with simple clicks they said I needed to upgrade my account so I did. Then I find out that even with the upgrade I couldn’t customize it to my brand’s logo. I needed a theme html to do it. WTF is that in BASIC TERMS….AGAIN I DO NOT KNOW CODING. There should be a button I click that changes it. Simple. They send me screen shots of functions I didn’t even have even with the highest upgrade. I will say they ended up fixing the theme issue, but when I found a problem (the words were not visible because the lettering was black and so was the background), they warned me that they will fix it this time, but going forward it is a PAID service so I couldn’t ask them to change it unless I paid. I also noticed that when they changed the theme. The header disappeared unless you zoomed in just right. So I would have to tell my sellers zoom in just right to see all the options?? It should just be there.

The postal options are limited. The sellers cannot post the amount for shipping. Also, to do so you need to upgrade (which I did) and add a UPS app. What if the seller uses USPS or Fed-Ex? No option for that. The other services for mail are outside the US so they are useless. Also, since the support team is outside the US the response will be a weird times. It took me 3 months to get it somewhat functional and close to how I want it but I found more glitches today so I am totally done with this app. I deleted it after so many months dealing with support and customizing it. It is just not worth it. It is so not worth it that we CHANGED OUR BUSINESS MODEL. So disappointed that this app gets someone’s hopes up only for it to be too difficult to use.

In short this app is not user friendly, everything you need requires the highest upgrade and paid services get it how you want it, it takes too long to customize.


This app has true potential however there's still several outstanding items that make it not perfect. Then, when you try to figure out these issues and reach out to support you are responded to with a boilerplate response that links to an article that you've already read and didn't help. Support needs some real improvement before this app can work for larger stores like ours.

Sketch School

I used the app for a day before it became too frustrating, The tabs didn`t work properly and I couldn`t access many parts of the dashboard. The app itself looks wonderful, but the functionality isn`t smooth, and imo needs work. I will come back and check again in 3 months, but at this juncture too pricey given the risk.

Developer reply

August 15, 2019

Hi, Thank you for the review. We express our most sincere concern in knowing about the issues, so that we can assist you accordingly, as there has been no such issues reported in the app and neither occurred while testing the app. So, it would be really great if you could let us know the same, as the support team is trying to be in touch.
And the App pricing starts from 10$ USD per month, and in this you get ample features, with unlimited sellers and unlimited products added via the app. And you even get free support for the app installation and after installation support too.
Please get in touch with the support team so that we can help you in every possible way.
Thanks & Regards,


Awaiting response ..before making a testimony

E Vapeliquid

I'm re-evaluating this APP. Comparing to what Marketplace BOLD offered. The past week was pretty rough but after my recent complains on the review Multi Vendor Marketplace send a more professional staff "Pratik Kumar" and he solved most of the issue in less than 30mins.

Comparing APP.. I like to use Shopify because in the long run for a staff like me.. Even company decided to fire you.. The company still under your partnership referral.

Multi Vendor plenty of features and functions but the company is all based about profits. Even to get a client website to look standardized or sync with theme will have to pay the extra customizing charges. Which are adding a few CSS and creating DIV. Add to that we are paying you monthly fee for using your APP. When i can go to and pay a fix amount for a cheaper cost.

Before you can even market your APP you're trying to rob your clients.. Good idea for marketing.. No wonder too many APP company out there never make it. Shopify is not some Envato, WP or Opencart platform.

Shopify is for you earn as a APP building for long term. Monthly getting paid consistantly. Not a one time off fee and it's over. Do you think charging your clients just to get the client page to sync with the theme is adviceable? This is where you lose out.. I rather go Multimerc or Marketplace since they do everything for me to even help me with sync the theme together. Why? Because they want me to be their client for many years to come.


Really the best app! Would love to see less request and quicker response so won't slow down our site. Currently, it is the slowest app on our website. :(


Some miscommunication at the beginning but now I am receiving good support from Nitika.

Soto Trial

UPDATE 10/20/2016

After my review, they have been a lot better at responding to my emails. I thank them for that. They fixed the error and other errors that I asked of them. I will give another update as soon as I fully test this product. Thanks Nitika.


This product has a lot of potential but the customer service is very lackluster. I have been asking specific questions only to receive one sentence answer if any. I can only imagine what would happen if one of my sellers had an issue that I could not fix. They would have to wait at least 2 days to get an answer meanwhile I could be losing money.

Potential of this product is awesome but the customer service is horrid.

P.S. I still need help so if Webkul is looking, when I log in as a seller and try to view the seller's profile page I get "page does not exist" error. How do I fix that?


Server slow.. layout difficulty
Some functions are great but other still lack of development. $30/month for this is a ripe off.


1) App seems Good to be improving as days are passing.
2) Support sometimes understands requirements and does an excellent job
3) Mixed rating with consideration of app, its support and Our experiences.
4) Ticket, Complaint management systems seems to be lacking in package.

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