Multi Vendor Tags

Multi Vendor Tags

開發者:Araboost, Inc

Vendor management Simplified


Track Vendor Sales

Track your sales on a vendor by vendor basis: Easily see which products have been sold from which vendor.

Track Vendor Inventory

Track your inventory: Easily track how much inventory is in your warehouse and which vendor owns it

Easy P&L

Easy P&L: Quickly see your profit and loss on a vendor by vendor basis.

有關 Multi Vendor Tags

About Multi Vendor App

Multi Vendor Tags allows you to quickly and easily track your sales and inventory according to your vendor. This makes tracking orders, profit and loss and making invoices easily.

Data can be entered through the Shopify product screen or you can upload your data as a CSV file.

Setup Steps

  1. When adding or editing a product you can add the vendor name in the vendor field. Vendor names must be one word.

  2. You can also add the vendor information in the “vendor” column of the csv file you upload to create or edit your products.

  3. When you have added your vendors - you must create the vendors within the app. To do this click “Add Vendor” on the “Add/ Edit Vendors” tab. The vendor name must match the vendor name that you used for the product.

  4. You should repeat this process for all vendors

Merchant Workflows

  • See orders by vendor between two specific dates
  1. On the “Vendor Orders” tab, select a vendor, a start date and end date. You will then see all the orders placed between those two dates for products from that vendor.

  2. You can generate a CSV file from this data to import into your favorite spreadsheet program.

  • See inventory by vendor
  1. If you need to know how much inventory you have in your warehouse according to the vendor, click “Vendor Inventory” and select the vendor. In order to use this feature you must add inventory to the product page on Shopify.

  2. You can download this information as a CSV file to import into your favorite spreadsheet program.

  • Change a vendors name
  1. To change the name of a vendor click “Add/ Edit Vendors” and click the pencil icon to edit the vendor.

  2. If you change a vendor’s name within the app, you must also change the vendor name associated with your products. You can do this by editing the product or by uploading your products as a CSV file.



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Free Plan


  • 2 Vendors
  • Export Vendor Orders
  • Vendor dashboard

Pro Plan

每月 $14.99

  • 10 Vendors
  • Export Vendor Orders
  • Vendor dashboard
  • Vendor Inventory
  • Export Vendor Inventory

Premium Plan

每月 $24.99

  • Unlimited Vendors
  • Export Vendor Orders
  • Vendor dashboard
  • Vendor Inventory
  • Export Vendor Inventory

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