Conversational Marketing, Hybrid Chat & Customer Automation

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Engage visitors automatically

Automatic, timed greetings and event based messages plus pre-built registration and calendar booking flows help you to convert more leads.

Be instantly available 24/7

Make your shop feel like it is always open. Solve FAQ type questions automatically or hand over to a live agent based on pre-defined rules.

Connect all messaging channels

Customers contacted on their preferred messaging channel are much more likely to respond, our system combines all platforms in a single plac


Scale your business with conversations

Highly automated personalized messages with interactive Live and Video chat options. Change content dynamically based on your customer’s preferences. is a multiplatform, multichannel and multipurpose chat solution built on guided conversations and AI automation:

  • Converting traffic coming from paid advertisements with personalized, data driven, hybrid conversations

  • Sending out promotional and campaign messages on any direct chat messaging platform

  • Recommending new products or additional services based on advanced segmentation and user profiling

  • Enhancing user experience with custom sticker packs, rich media content types, custom features and API endpoints

  • Creating a virtual assistant handling all FAQ type questions with intelligent event based notifications

  • Automating sales processes, registrations and collecting user information

By connecting to your shop you can build an immersive integrated customer experience that combines the advantages of the always available instant chatbot replies, automatic handover to live agents and significantly better open rates of instant chat messages.

Unique conversational landing pages

The next generation of landing pages that combines the customizability and branded look of the traditional landing pages with the dynamic and flexible nature of the chat flows. These pages can handle a much broader range of traffic and customer interest which yields significantly better conversion rates.

The hybrid conversational engine behind enables Video chat, Live chat and automated (chatbot) conversations to work interoperably 24/7 and the smart handover and routing can react to events in the chat flow, events in external systems or manual changes.






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eCommerce Package


  • 10 days free trial
  • Web Chat
  • Unlimited automated Flows
  • Messenger Chat
  • Live chat replies
  • Dashboard Analytics
  • Notification rules
  • User profiling

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** 经常性费用(包括每月费用或基于使用情况的费用)每 30 天收取一次。

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