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First of all, I want to say that customer service is not great! I'm new in this business and she spoke to me harshly. Also, some sub-domain problems with shopify and i didn't like the experience. The interface is hard to manage.

Loja Visite o Brasil

Acabei de instalar e estou tentando fazer funcionar, mas a pessoa que está atendendo no chat demora muito a responder as perguntas. A cada pergunta, ela fica mais de 10 minutos para responder.

Vssion Store

First of all, this is not a free app at all, if you want to translate your page into other languages you have to pay for it. I am actually giving a 1 star because this is the mininum rating. I have been waiting for over a week to solve an issue with content translations and widget positioning, but everytime i´m getting the same message: "someone will attend and check your issue ASAP". They seem to have many operators as everyday i receiving the same response but from different operators, but nobody do anything to solve your problems.

Developer reply

February 8, 2021


Our app is 100% free and we also have paid features available.

I see we are working with you to translate some of your 3rd party apps and the process is not instant and takes time.


OhMyCourse (OMC)

i'm sorry for your (aggressive) reply. I definitely agree I have been receiving a good amount of support. Free or paid plan - this is not the issue. It is the quality of some of your agents. Imagine users like me, who was planning to subscribe, but going through what I have gone through.....
Let me simply copy and paste ONE OF THE convos with summary that gone wrong, so everyone can read with plain eye:
>>ME: Thank you very much. This seems useful. As there are usually multiple paragraphs with different styles within an email, do you suggest me to input that set of code for every paragraph??
>>>> Gtranslate: Hi, actually we do not translate emails automatically, the instructions we sent are from Shopify that can be used with any translation APP, just follow steps as instructed.
>>ME: I'm not sure what are you referring to regarding the coding? Maybe you have replied the wrong email?
>>>> Gtranslate: Feel free to contact us if you have any other questions concerning our service. Have a nice day (END)
I do not mind to display more of the convos that gone wrong, yet, I'm not trying to point fingers here. I'm trying to let you know the problem where you can improve on, but whether you are willing to honest & fair opinion and embrace them, it is up to your team. ------------- NEW EDITS ABOVE (and changed rating from 2 stars to 1 star)-----------
-I have used this app for a month or so. This app’s functionality per se is actually alright, but the longer I use this app, the more worried/frustrated I have got, and made me want to explore other translation apps:
-There were multiple times where their replies are not fully addressing the issues I mentioned (meaning more effort has to be put in reading all the email loops, as they keep missing parts of your issues, so you have to double check whether every single issue has been addressed). -There was an instance where I need to follow up on my question that was left unattended, and the agent claimed she replied to my question, but she actually did not have the prove of the reply email she “sent”. -There were also another instance where the agent has replied me wrongly regarding their compatibility with shopify, saying that this app “is compatible with Shopify”, I was (pleasantly) surprised and asked for double confirmation, and ended up getting another answer from another agent saying that they are *not* compatible with Shopify. The list goes on…..
-To be fair, functionality is not that bad, but what’s worrying is the customer service, where you have to spend extra time (that was unnecessary) when working with most of the agents (compared with other translation apps).

Developer reply

February 3, 2021

UPDATE: This is a pure example when our FREE support backfires. May be if we did not have a support at all, this would not be here. You have been happy for the most of the time without leaving a positive feedback, but when you have not received the answer you were expecting you have rated us 1 star. Usually people who intend to use our paid version are on our trial plan. SUMMARY: We have helped you and did only good to you and you have did bad to us by this rating.

I have checked your conversations with out team and I can see conversations with our team dated 4 months ago and you have been using our FREE version and getting FREE dedicated live chat support from our team all the time.

From the conversations I see that we have even customized it for your shop specifically by defining parts which needs to be skipped from translation and remember it was done for FREE.

From the past 24 hours I can see that you have opened 4 parallel conversations with our team and you were getting replies from different agents (some of theme over email). Here is the summary:

1. You have asked to skip translations for your customer reviews - we have done it for you by coding it into your theme (for FREE)
2. You have asked question about automatic translations - we have responded and you left review: "she gave me the detailed explanation I looked for. very accurate and to the point. thanks!!"
3. You have asked about translating checkout page and emails, our response was that it is a PAID feature and also we have provided a special theme code which can be used to define emails for each language.
4. You have asked about compatibility with Shopify inner language system to detect the selected language in parallel with the previous question you had and our response that we are compatible with Shopify, but we are using a different approach for translating it and we are not using the Shopify internal language system.

I do not see any wrongdoing from our team members and the level of support you have received was high enough.



I tried this app FREE version and it doesn't work. The translation is completely wrong. SO it's not a free app because it works only if you pay. BYE!
I said FREE version doesn't WORK. A customer can't choose this app because it's free ... it doesn't work. I trust you if a costumer pay it could work.

Developer reply

January 7, 2021

Unfortunately the translation quality is not controlled by us and we are using Google Translate. With our paid version you are able to improve the translation quality. So saying that it does not work is not fair. Thanks!

UPDATE: So you are stating that the FREE version does not work and at the same time you say that the translation is completely wrong, which does not make sense at all. May be you should say that the app works, but the translation quality do not meet your expectations, in that case it would make sense. If something does not work for you, try to contact our live chat and I'm sure that you will get a solution. I think you are being strict for no reason.

Mah Roc

This is the worst translate app I have ever installed! Really hard to edit translations. Not user friendly dashboard.

Developer reply

December 6, 2020

Sorry you did not like it. We have the most intuitive in-context translation editor. You just correct the translations on the page without the need to go anywhere else. If you are having issues feel free to contact our live chat and I'm sure we will be able to help you with it.


not work for the Italian language we installed the app for our site in Italy but actually, it doesn't work pretty well bye

Developer reply

November 30, 2020

Have you tried to contact our live chat for a solution?


Worst app I have experienced so far.. This might have caused Thousands of dollars in missing revenue I have launched a french campaign on the french market and spent money on a french influencer. Therefore, I was getting lots of traffic, lots of add-to-cart but o sales....someone recommended that I download the better-replay app and OMG. Ive been able to see what was the issue cause I was being able to see what my users were seeing : - Bugy translations - every elements on the cart page went totally nuts and keep moving all over the place like if the user's PC was being hacked live - All the prices increased from 19.97$ to 19997$ - the add-to-cart button keep switching constantly from english to french and couldn't make its mind AVOID IT AT ALL COSTS !

Developer reply

October 30, 2020

I'm sorry for your bad experience. I'm sure we can correct all the issues if you contact our live chat for solution.



Worst of the worst of apps. Would never recommend. Has been taking a week inserting translations that would normally take 3 hours. After correcting translations, the app automatically keeps on creating new mistakes & changing our proffesional translations. Very uncomfortable to edit anything. Working with this app means you will be discussing issues with their customer support 24/7. Never had such a bad experience before.

Developer reply

September 15, 2020

You can check your Edits History in page, I see a lot of edits there. I believe that you have changed your original content and in that case the translations should also change, if you have more specific examples of what is lost, please feel free to contact our live chat and we will investigate. Thanks!


Worst translation app ever!

I highly recommend do not install this app. There are bugs and issues everywhere. I will name a few:

*Translations keep changing randomly even if auto-translate is turned off.
*Translations don't save.
*You need to know HTML tags/coding when changing translations
*Translates are horribly wrong and nonsense (for example "blog" is translated to "timewebing" in my language. Twitter is translated to "Singing while diarrhea"
*Support begs for 5 start review all the time after making changes that are bugged the next day
*Support admits that there are problems and bugs (they see that their own edits disappear but they don't know why).
*URL translations are not working...My translated website links were broken for 3 days (lost many sales because of that). It took 3 days to fix the problem.
*Support is promising to fix problems and help and then disappears for 2 days and another assistant has to take it over and I have to explain the problem from the beginning.
*I don't want to even know what that bugged app does with users SEO and code.

I really even don't understand why this app is allowed in Shopify. It makes Shopify's overall experience very bad.
*Worst UI/UX I have ever seen

I have been building different websites for many years and I have never seen anything like this.

Developer reply

September 15, 2020


Thanks for your detailed review, please find my detailed answers below:

1. If you are opted for our centarlized translation cache your translations may be improved over time by collaborative work force.
2. Please feel free to contact our live chat to get a solution if you are having problems saving translations, you can get the list of your Edits History in page.
3. We offer very flexible block editing ability where you can modify HTML, but if you do not know HTML you may stay away of using it or ask for assistance. As I understand you are building websites for many years, so complaining about it does not make sense at all.
4. We are using the best automatic translation in the market available to offer translations, it is not perfect, but it is the best compared to everything else available currently and we also allow you to correct the translations.
5. We need feedback as any other developer on Shopify app store, so it is considered a good practice and is encouraged by Shopify community.
6. As I understand our support team asked you to wait while we are looking into the issue for you and you ended up here.
7. As you have already mentioned, we have already solved it for you while you are in our trial period.
8. Unfortunately there is no instant magic solution to every problem, so solutions usually take time, you decided to not wait.
9. No comments here.
10. Tastes differ, if it was so bad, you would not be using it for more than a week now.


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