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Worst app I have experienced so far.. This might have caused Thousands of dollars in missing revenue I have launched a french campaign on the french market and spent money on a french influencer. Therefore, I was getting lots of traffic, lots of add-to-cart but o sales....someone recommended that I download the better-replay app and OMG. Ive been able to see what was the issue cause I was being able to see what my users were seeing : - Bugy translations - every elements on the cart page went totally nuts and keep moving all over the place like if the user's PC was being hacked live - All the prices increased from 19.97$ to 19997$ - the add-to-cart button keep switching constantly from english to french and couldn't make its mind AVOID IT AT ALL COSTS !

Developer reply

October 30, 2020

I'm sorry for your bad experience. I'm sure we can correct all the issues if you contact our live chat for solution.



Worst of the worst of apps. Would never recommend. Has been taking a week inserting translations that would normally take 3 hours. After correcting translations, the app automatically keeps on creating new mistakes & changing our proffesional translations. Very uncomfortable to edit anything. Working with this app means you will be discussing issues with their customer support 24/7. Never had such a bad experience before.

Developer reply

September 15, 2020

You can check your Edits History in page, I see a lot of edits there. I believe that you have changed your original content and in that case the translations should also change, if you have more specific examples of what is lost, please feel free to contact our live chat and we will investigate. Thanks!


Worst translation app ever!

I highly recommend do not install this app. There are bugs and issues everywhere. I will name a few:

*Translations keep changing randomly even if auto-translate is turned off.
*Translations don't save.
*You need to know HTML tags/coding when changing translations
*Translates are horribly wrong and nonsense (for example "blog" is translated to "timewebing" in my language. Twitter is translated to "Singing while diarrhea"
*Support begs for 5 start review all the time after making changes that are bugged the next day
*Support admits that there are problems and bugs (they see that their own edits disappear but they don't know why).
*URL translations are not working...My translated website links were broken for 3 days (lost many sales because of that). It took 3 days to fix the problem.
*Support is promising to fix problems and help and then disappears for 2 days and another assistant has to take it over and I have to explain the problem from the beginning.
*I don't want to even know what that bugged app does with users SEO and code.

I really even don't understand why this app is allowed in Shopify. It makes Shopify's overall experience very bad.
*Worst UI/UX I have ever seen

I have been building different websites for many years and I have never seen anything like this.

Developer reply

September 15, 2020


Thanks for your detailed review, please find my detailed answers below:

1. If you are opted for our centarlized translation cache your translations may be improved over time by collaborative work force.
2. Please feel free to contact our live chat to get a solution if you are having problems saving translations, you can get the list of your Edits History in page.
3. We offer very flexible block editing ability where you can modify HTML, but if you do not know HTML you may stay away of using it or ask for assistance. As I understand you are building websites for many years, so complaining about it does not make sense at all.
4. We are using the best automatic translation in the market available to offer translations, it is not perfect, but it is the best compared to everything else available currently and we also allow you to correct the translations.
5. We need feedback as any other developer on Shopify app store, so it is considered a good practice and is encouraged by Shopify community.
6. As I understand our support team asked you to wait while we are looking into the issue for you and you ended up here.
7. As you have already mentioned, we have already solved it for you while you are in our trial period.
8. Unfortunately there is no instant magic solution to every problem, so solutions usually take time, you decided to not wait.
9. No comments here.
10. Tastes differ, if it was so bad, you would not be using it for more than a week now.



I don't recommend this app. A lot of bugs, bad user experience. After we spent 2 days fixing the auto translation (which was super bad), the edits weren't saved.. Very bad customer support specially Ella and Angela.

Developer reply

September 11, 2020

I can see you have changed your initial 5 star review to 1 star. You can check your Edits History in page, I see a lot of edits there. I believe that you have changed your original content and in that case the translations should also change, if you have more specific examples of what is lost, please feel free to contact our live chat and we will investigate. Thanks!


Checkout page translation does not work in free version! Just if you pay they translate your checkout area! Sounds like a joke but it is true.

Developer reply

September 5, 2020

Unfortunately that is the case with the free version, because Shopify does not allow you to modify the checkout page and in case of the free version, which is based on JavaScript, we are unable to add any js libraries to the checkout page to translate it. The free version only translates the pages you can add the language switcher.

Since our paid version is a translation proxy and serves the translated pages directly from our servers it can also translate the checkout page. This is mentioned in the features description of our app.



This is not a seamless Shopify APP.
In Shopify the setup needs to be done on your domain Server side, for each Language you wanna use you need to setup a subdomian.
Sub-directory - e.g. https://....../en/ is not possible for Shopify, for what ever reason.
Support answer
1) not allowed by Shopify (others offer this)
2) is our logic and not work with Shopify ( I gave up to as any further question)
Seamless Installation not possible)

Support was not helpful at all, only argue that is working the way it is and no support offered.

Developer reply

September 4, 2020


The free version is setup seamlessly without any additional configuration. For the paid version you must add some DNS records like you do when you connect your domain to Shopify.

Unlike other Shopify apps, we offer you a translation proxy and on Shopify platform it is not possible to make it available under sub-directory URL structure. Other apps which offer you sub-directory URL structure are based on recent Shopify multilingual API and are very limited and have limited support for 3rd party apps, while GTranslate covers almost everything which is properly developed. Our technology offers connecting sub-domains as well as top level country domains like,, etc, while others do not offer anything like that and it is better in terms of SEO, compared to sub-directories.


no it does only translat some words, so my webshop looks like crap and very un pro when using it, so its back and hit delete button

Developer reply

August 3, 2020

Have you tried to contact our live chat for a solution?

ROCKI HandelsgesmbH.


The answer of the APP developer (export possible) is obsolete. Support of GTranslate answered that there is NO export function. This APP is dangerous. Even support doesn't know important things. We recorded the conversation for proof.

Take care! Shopify customers are tricked by the payment possibilites. You have to pay MONTHLY the higher rate even there would be a possibilty to pay YEARLY through the Shopify system. Not fair! Other Apps offer better prices with yearly payment. Customer service is not like we are used to (if the company gives wrong information on their pricing page, they have to give better price, it was their mistake!).

Reply to reply of developer:

Please inform Shopify customers CORRECT on your PRICING page and inside your Q&A. I stated this to you already - but you didn't care about that - so you want to mislead Shopify customers again. How awful!

UPDATE: Server overload by GTranslate. Our sites were not reachable! Not very serious service. Hopefully better. Look for other Apps ... there are sure better ones.

Developer reply

August 3, 2020

Updated: You can export only the manual translations you have entered. Automatic translations provided by us cannot be exported.

Unfortunately we cannot offer yearly subscriptions to Shopify users as Shopify Billing offers only monthly payments and you cannot really pay for Shopify itself on annual basis currently. We would be happy to add annual plans into our service on Shopify platform when Shopify offers annual payments through their Billing API.


Goophone Gama Premium

No cambia el idioma de nada. Solo se cambia el icono del idioma. No cirve para nada.

Can't change the language at all. Only is changing the flag for language change. Doesn't have any positive use.

Developer reply

May 16, 2020

You may contact our live chat and we will help you if there are any issues.


I really have no idea how they get to 5 stars. The auto translation is convenient but then not everything can be translated. If you use other Shopify apps like a countdown timer or pop ups, they won't translate it. You can request their developer to program it for you, which is what I did. After 2,5 weeks, still not fixed. I gave up. I switched to langify which is a little more pricey but it gives me full control to do everything by myself, any single bit of the website can be translated. I cannot wait 3 weeks each time I change something on my website... Also the customer service seemed overwhelmed. I've even sent a PDF with screenshot to show what needs to be fixed and the customer service contact couldn't even tell me the status of it... she also didn't pass it over to the developer, so I was in touch with the developer and send it over again. Nobody tracked the progress on my issues but asked me to verify what was done, what wasnt and to tell them "to speed up the process". Is that customer "service" ?!

Developer reply

May 4, 2020


I'm sorry for this. I understand that it can be frustrating when solutions are not provided in a timely manner.

I offer you to come back to our live chat and talk to me directly and I'll personally try to solve all the remaining issues you have in online mode.

If you do not want to accept my offer, then I wish you luck with finding solution with other apps.


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