Shipping, Order and Inventory management software

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Easy shipping solution

Print shipping labels in seconds and get automatically updated tracking info. USPS Commercial pricing and Amazon FBA/MCF services included.

Multi-channel sales

Sell through multiple sales channels and manage them all in one place. Merge your inventories to automatically reduce stock after the sale.

Order Management

Create an effective sales pipeline: leave notes on orders/items, assign orders to team members and enjoy watching your real-time performance

有關 Multiorders

Multiorders Inventory and Order Management System

Integrate all sales channels and manage your orders with Multiorders – multichannel inventory and shipping management software – a perfect workflow optimising solution. Connect all of Your shipping carriers and print labels with just one click, manage pricing and stock levels of all sales channels from the same place.

Shipping management:

•    Worldwide shipping carrier integrations

•    Amazon FBA/MCF shipping solution

•    Built in USPS with Commercial plus pricing

•    Instant Shipping Label booking & printing

•    Instant tracking information updates for orders

•    Create & ship custom orders

Inventory management:

•    Merge, Bundle/Kit inventory items

•    Instantly update pricing and stock

•    Collect customer data

•    Add notes and assign people

•    Import / Export inventory via .csv

Multi-channel management:

•    Track sales statistics in dashboard

•    Unlimited sales channel integrations

•    Multi-channel stock synchronisation

•    Track all orders from a single window

•    Request custom reports

•    Import / Export orders via .csv

Multiorders solutions:

•    Email notifications for stock and orders

•    Create Invoices, Purchase orders, Take Payments

•    Custom packing labels & documents

•    Unlimited user accounts

•    Unlimited sales & shipping channels

•    Telephone, Live Chat and Email customer support

•    Custom request fulfilment


  • Amazon,
  • Ebay,
  • Etsy,
  • Parcelforce,
  • Stripe,
  • USPS



定價 14 天免費試用



每月 $49

或每年一次收費 $468,按每月 $39 計費

  • 500 orders per month with
  • 2,000 SKU limit


每月 $149

或每年一次收費 $1,428,按每月 $119 計費

  • 2,000 orders per month with
  • 10,000 SKU limit


每月 $249

或每年一次收費 $2,388,按每月 $199 計費

  • 5,000 orders per month with
  • 50,000 SKU limit

* 所有費用均以 USD 計價。
** 定期費用接按照 30 天為週期收費,包括每月收費或依據使用量收費。

5.0 5 顆星


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Amazing App and Amazing Support. We sell on multiple platforms and this is a HUGE time saver for filling orders and seeing our Data all in one place. Highly recommend. Integration with QB would be really great.

Truly Art

Excellent App. Works well with Shopify, Etsy, BigCommerce stores and a service that I've been after for a few years now.

Envistia Mall

I sell on Shopify, eBay, Amazon and Bonanza. I had been using another multi-platform inventory and order management system that I had some issues with, and after using them for a year, decided to look at other options. Although they are the "new kid on the block", I liked what I saw in Multiorders and decided to give it a try.

I have been using it for 4 months, and couldn't be happier. It doesn't have all of the features of some of the stalwart systems, but what it does, it does very well. It is fast, easy to set up and configure, and quick to learn. It keeps my inventory in sync across the platforms so well that most of the time I don't even think about it - it just works.

Unlike the last system I used, you can actually enter and fill an order right in Multiorders. You don't have to enter it in one of the other ecommerce platforms. This is a great feature if you need to send a replacement or a sample to a customer, or if you have offline orders to fill.

One of the biggest selling points is their tech support. Their support staff is almost always available by chat, and their response time is usually a few minutes. The time or two I pointed out a bug or a missing feature, they were quick to either fix it, or to tell me when it would be scheduled.

As far as complaints, their reports are very basic and could use some enhancements (which will probably come in time). In many cases, I just export the data to Excel and massage it there to get what I need.

Multiorders is a solid, well-performing system and offers great value for the price. The design is well thought-out, yet simple, so it is straightforward to use. The sales and support team are quick to respond and are friendly people that are enjoyable to talk to. I feel like they really care about their customers. Highly recommended!