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Unlimited multiple Facebook pixels, Feeds, Audience Builders

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FB Pixel Secure Backup & More

Easily manage multiple Facebook pixels - whether across niches or in risky ad accounts, your data will always be safe.

Scale Profitably. Fast.

Enjoy scaling with our advanced features like Collection Pixels, Product Feeds, GDPR Banner, Custom and Lookalike Audiences, and more!

Set up in minutes

An easy-to-understand dashboard that makes sense. Get started in minutes, not hours.

Over MultiPixel ‑ Facebook Pixels

With MultiPixel, easily set up multiple Facebook pixels for backup, safety and peace of mind, as well as must-have tools to help you scale profitably and fast.

Have stores in multiple niches? Using somewhat risky ad accounts? Setting up multiple pixels can be a headache - but not with MultiPixel. Set up your pixels in minutes in the app, and you'll ALWAYS have access to your FB tracking data - even if your account gets blocked. Save yourself the technical headache, time, and worry of manually setting up time-consuming pixels: use our secure, fast-loading and simple app instead.

NEW: Track conversions even if the customer is using iOS or has otherwise locked tracking ("Advanced" plan).


  • Safe and secure pixels: Your Facebook Data is always backed up - even if your ad account gets blocked by Facebook
  • No limits: Install and back up an unlimited number of Facebook pixels
  • Easy setup: Effortlessly install multiple Facebook pixels on your store, without any coding or technical updates. Fast and easy to install. Works with all themes
  • Scaling tools: Scale quickly and easily with advanced pixels for Collections, Products and Pages
  • Extra audiences: Using Facebook’s website, you can only create audiences up to 10%. As our App uses the Facebook API, you can double this to 20% when you create audiences through MultiPixel
  • Auto product upload: Automatically add new products from your collections into your Facebook Catalogue - eliminate time-consuming manual updates
  • Extra features: Combat troublesome bot data, and display a built-in GDPR banner to help you comply with European privacy laws (optional)
  • Support: Our hands-on Support Team - all inquiries answered within 1 business day

Need the tech specs? Technical Overview

  • Know your traffic: Send UTM Parameters to Facebook
  • Flexibility: When the Purchase event fires, you can adjust it by including the shipping price and/or reducing by any discounts
  • Purchase percentage: Shopify Facebook pixel always uses the standard price which is why we do the same by default so it's consistent. Optionally, you can reduce the purchase amount sent back to Facebook by a percentage
  • Pixel delay: Activate your pixel after 1-10 seconds to prevent bot-traffic from ruining your data (optional)
  • Built-in GDPR banner: With easy settings, to help you more easily comply with EU privacy regulations. (Exclusive to MultiPixel: No other Pixel Apps have this built-in)
  • Site speed: MultiPixel is built with performance in mind - it’s very lightweight, and takes less time to load than even one product image. Load speed won’t be noticeably affected

Note: Facebook has the option to track an event called “AddPaymentInfo”. Due to Shopify limitations, this can only be tracked using our app if you are on Shopify Plus

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  • Unlimited Pixels: Install, track, auto-backup
  • Unique Pixels: Collections, Products, Pages
  • Automatic updates to FB Catalogue
  • GDPR Banner



  • Everything in "Starter", PLUS..
  • Track users even with iOS
  • Custom Audience Builder
  • Lookalikes Builder up to 20% Facebook - double normal rate

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3.9 van 5 sterren

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great app to help with adding multiple pixels to the store. customer service is also quick and reliable

Antwoord van ontwikkelaar

6 december 2021

Thank you so much for your feedback, it means the world to us.

​Feel free to let us know if you need anything on our end! :)


Loja Coruja Online

Best solution for those who want their pixel to work perfectly. Better support. No further. Any problems I had with pixel have been resolved. Staff is very committed to solving the pixel issue.

Antwoord van ontwikkelaar

3 juli 2021

We're so glad to have helped you, and thank you so much for your kind words! We strive to improve as much as we can, and feedback means a lot to us.
If you need anything else on our end, you know where to find us!


Indians Kart

App is not fetching proper data. Ad account is showing way too less sales and hence data is not correct.

Antwoord van ontwikkelaar

5 april 2021

Hey there, I hope you're well! I'm terribly sorry that you experienced issues with MultiPixel. I saw that you sent a support ticket, but didn't hear back from you once we responded. I've followed up on it - I'd be more than happy to resolve your issue. Can you please get back to us so we can solve the problem?