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13 de novembro de 2022

This is hands down the best feeds app on the shopify store. I’ve used all of the others including ones with thousands of 5 star reviews but this one definitely tops them all. It’s extremely powerful, allows you to set up multiple feed per country or platform (ie Google, Meta, etc) and most of all the support is extremely responsive and continuously improving the app based on feedback. Things like choosing a different image for feeds here
is very easy to do also while other apps make it very limited. The interface is advanced but if you get lost the share videos showing you how to do everything. I saw this app launch a few years ago as I needed an app for a store I was developing that needed different feeds for different countries and it’s a pleasure to see how far it’s come. Again no question this is the best feeds app in the shopify store if you are serious about advertising feeds. If you want to just have a feed and not care about optimising it then use the free apps out there with super limited functionality. Note there is also a free version of this app and the pricing is super reasonable. 5 stars, look no further!

Reino Unido
5 meses usando o app
24 de março de 2023

I have been using the Multiple Google Shopping Feeds app for several months now and I have to say that I am extremely impressed with its functionality and ease of use. The app makes it incredibly easy to create multiple Google Shopping feeds and customize them to fit the needs of my online store.

One of the things I love most about this app is its flexibility. I can create as many feeds as I want and customize each one to target specific products or categories. This has allowed me to get my products in front of more potential customers and has ultimately led to an increase in sales.

The app's interface is also very user-friendly and intuitive. Setting up and managing my feeds is a breeze, and the app provides clear and concise instructions every step of the way. Plus, the support team is always quick to respond and help out if I ever have any questions or issues.

Overall, I would highly recommend the Multiple Google Shopping Feeds app to any Shopify store owner looking to improve their online presence and drive more sales. It's a must-have app that has truly helped my business grow and succeed.

MagicHolz UK
16 minutos usando o app
Data de edição: 12 de setembro de 2023

Getting this app was one of the best decisions I made this year for my shop!

With Shopify's Google Channel I had an infinite number of products and disapproved items with errors that just kept coming, not to mention they only allow targeting one country at a time.

With Multifeeds not only I can target numerous countries, but it got about ALL my products approved from the get go, in minutes. It looks a little intimidating and overwhelming at the beginning, and I did have to spend some time understanding how it worked, but success is not supposed to be fast/easy, this is a necessity for an app that does its best to offer you error-free control over the data that goes to Google.

Customer service was also wonderful in helping me make sure everything was set up correctly and patiently answering all my questions despite time differences, and I'm very thankful for that.

EDIT: after a few of months using the app, I can 300% stand behind my initial review, customer support has been AMAZING in helping me polish things here and there, it has brought people and sales, and for shops with different products and timings we now we have the ability to also input different handling and shipping times for different collections/products! Really thank you for this app!!

Abysm Internal
Aproximadamente 2 meses usando o app
16 de abril de 2023

Multifeeds is a powerful software and service that allows Shopify store owners to easily connect their online stores to Google Merchant Center, enabling them to advertise their products on Google Shopping. What sets Multifeeds apart from other similar services is its ease of use, reliability, and exceptional customer service.

Setting up a Google Merchant account can be a daunting task for many online store owners, but Multifeeds simplifies the process by providing a straightforward and intuitive interface that guides users through the setup process step-by-step. The platform seamlessly integrates with Shopify, allowing users to effortlessly upload their product data and create Google Shopping campaigns in just a few clicks.

One of the standout features of Multifeeds is its customer support. The team is responsive, knowledgeable, and always willing to go the extra mile to help users troubleshoot any issues they may encounter. This level of support is rare in the world of software and makes Multifeeds an invaluable tool for any online store owner looking to expand their reach through Google Shopping.

Overall, I highly recommend Multifeeds for anyone who wants to take advantage of the vast advertising potential of Google Shopping. The software is easy to use, reliable, and backed by excellent customer support. It's a must-have tool for any serious online retailer.

Geeks Online
Nova Zelândia
3 meses usando o app
15 de novembro de 2022

It's only been 2 weeks but it seems to be the best app to manage multiple google feeds (we haven't tried any other feeds yet). We have tried 2 others apps before that did not meet our need as well as this one. I had a few questions because I am not a technical expert, but the team answered me very quickly each time with clear explanations. I can recommend this app. At least try it out, there is a free trial, so you can see if it does what you need.

Ichiba Japan
10 dias usando o app
10 de agosto de 2023

We've been using this app for a few weeks and are in love with it. The support team has been extremely responsive and we love how much you can customize your feeds (including metafields). After switching to Shopify from another platform, we were a little let down that there wasn't advanced feeds built into the platform, this app definitely closes the app. Won't hesitate using it with future stores. Thanks guys!

Estados Unidos
Aproximadamente 1 mês usando o app
17 de julho de 2023

This app, by far, is the most customizable feed app on Shopify. There are others that claim to do the same type of customization, but they either offer minor levels of customization, or do not even let you try out the customization features without first connecting your Google, Facebook, whatever feed you want to customize account, first. For us, we needed to ensure we could duplicate our existing Google Product Feed within Shopify so as to not lose rankings, and did not want to connect our Google Merchant Center account until we knew for sure. Multifeeds for Google Shopping allowed us to this exact thing, at an affordable cost and with absolutely stellar customer support. .

Estados Unidos
5 dias usando o app
30 de agosto de 2023

At first I was a bit of overwhelmed by all the buttons and possibilities this app had to offer. So I scheduled a call with one of the developers.

And WOW... this app does the JOB and is in our opinion way better than big names like Channable. Mainly because it offers amazing features that big names do not have. Like linking product metafields to feeds. I can recommend to any shopify store that is looking to get multiple language feeds in google shopping or facebook. Thank you again for the service and the great app + feautures!

I tested many feed apps before. Honestly look no further, get this app take the time to set it up. And you're done.

Países Baixos
Aproximadamente 2 meses usando o app
Data de edição: 6 de março de 2023

Support has been helpful with a few of my getting start questions and the feeds were really easy to setup. I've had the multifeads with a basic subscription plumbed into the store and it's feeding Merchant centre when I have been updating products, shipping rates, pricing, etc. automatically. The fact this tool synchronises the shipping rates mirroring exactly what is configured in Shopify is a real time saver.
This was a great solution for me to roll out products to multiple markets with just clicks and some time to go through the setup. I would like you to make a similar tool for populating eBay and Amazon, many apps don't populate the shipping configurations, only the products.

Trickle Shop
3 meses usando o app
14 de agosto de 2023

The support these guys provide is unbelievable. No question or task is too much for them, Even though i am not very familiar with a lot of things they literally handheld me through the entire process to make sure that my feeds are the best quality. I would highly recommend this app, it allows mapping to custom fields where other apps dont.
Reino Unido
3 dias usando o app