Multipurpose Announcement Bar

Multipurpose Announcement Bar


Customizable banner, free shipping and announcement bar.


Multiple Templates

Match the look and feel of your website using built in templates.

Realtime Preview

See realtime changes in backend as you edit your template.

Schedule your Banner

Schedule the dates to display your banner.

有關 Multipurpose Announcement Bar

If you want keeping good relationship with your customers and store user about your business updates, promotions, and special events?

Don't worry you are in the right place.

Multipurpose Announcement Bar let your shoppers know about your business updates, promotions and special events and managing good relationship with customer .

Notifying them on your website like offers, discount, notification, coupons and many more in the form of banner.

Simply Multipurpose Announcement Bar is a totally customized and great way to display a free shipping offer, sale, or other promotion.

Exciting Features

  • 15 ready made templates.
  • Totally Customized
  • Super fast editor
  • Simple dashboard
  • Live preview on mobile and desktop
  • Various text editor options like color, size and background
  • Super cool actions like button, link and coupons
  • Icons
  • Banner placements, location
  • Banner scheduling
  • Banner Geo location
  • Easy to enable and disable
  • Easy to delete and edit
  • All browser supported



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