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16. říjen 2017

Extremely quick support, app is amazing, highly recommended.

Integ Daikin
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30. říjen 2017

The one and only Multi-Ship app on Shopify. Tech support is great and Zac even helped me get it installed on the site. At the time of this review, the app is still in early development and there are still features I'd like to see, but as far as the main functionality, it does exactly what it says. Highly Recommended!

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5. duben 2018

Easy to install and when there was one small error they were quick to help out and solve the issue!

Jodys Popcorn
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25. srpen 2017

This application works great so far. The most important part for me has been the fast and friendly customer service provided by Zac. He goes above and beyond to help.
Multiship is absolutely worth at least the free trial, and you will likely decide to keep it like I did.

Greet Game
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26. květen 2020

Multiship is a unique app on Shopify - doing something I have not found elsewhere. People give our product as gifts a lot and it's important to make shipping to multiple addresses easy. I thought I would have to compromise on that several times while making my store. But! Multiship has come through, and so has its staff. Enough so that I'm writing a genuinely appreciative review.

Threesome Tollbooth
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5. prosinec 2017

The Apps By Pix team creates great apps and is wonderful to work! They are our go-to developer.

Lesaint Chocolate
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13. prosinec 2022

Excellent features and wonderful customer service! I was most certainly intimidated by the coding process and did not feel comfortable making these internal changes myself, but the customer service representatives took all of the weight off of my shoulders and did all of the intricate coding on their end. They were very helpful, and even uploaded a screen-recording video to ensure that the features were to our liking. Very grateful for Multiship and their responsive customer service team!

Oxford American Goods
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11. říjen 2017

The Multiship App is Awesome. And the customer support like Wow. I love it .
The multiship is exactly What I have needed for My store.

Thanks Zac for wonderful services.

Good luck For new apps.

Saúdská Arábie
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3. říjen 2017

This app works just as described, the order flow up to fulfillment is flawless, including order statuses at creation - in the event your store needs to wait for payment confirmation (ie pending) before fulfilling orders. Each sub-order created by Multiship also reference the initial order in the Tags section, so handling returns and cancellation is easily manageable. For those of us who use a third party fulfillment app such as ShipStation, it will integrate without a glitch, including shipping types and order notes.
Customer service is top notch, ie timely response and very helpful! If you are looking to have custom messages for each items shipped to different addresses within the same order, I would recommend GiftShip from the same developer, it has the same features as this app with the addition of custom messages that corporate customers will enjoy.

Simons Specialty Cheese
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15. listopad 2017

Great app and great tech support. They took care of the install, even setup a mock preview of my store to test it out before it was live. Had a few tiny design elements i wanted to change and even though everything is mostly done via email it they got back to me each time very quickly and couldnt have been nicer or better about taking care of my issues. I highly recommend them, the only app to send products from one order to several different locations.

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