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December 13, 2020

I downloaded this app so I would not have to input multiple addresses for shipping. The app would not allow me to create shipping labels for my orders... instead I got the message "shipping not required." The "support" desk responded with "well sometimes this happens - you should use GiftShip." WHAT??! A more expensive app - NOT guaranteed to work. How is this an appropriate or helpful response??!!

Gracie Goods
United States
27 days using the app
October 30, 2018


Took us 2 weeks to install, but then I like people so I gave a chance.

1st Install, does not work - 2nd chance
2nd Install, does not work - 3rd chance
3rd install, this time by themselves -Gave collaborator access. Does not work!
4th Testing - Does not work and asked me to clear my cache - Does not work!
5th Testing - Ask for support again. Then support send me an email claiming that he was finally done fixing it and acording to him it did not work bec my site has a bad theme and that it its inevitable that due to java clutter it would cease to exist!

Support was RUDE and ARROGANT! Why?

Althought I apreciate his advise that I need to clean up my site as java sems to clutter due to install and uninstallation of aps, etc. BUt as a suport:

1. He does not need to RUIN the whole site just to install the APP. My entire website has product images, banners, texts from homepage to inside pages corrupted. All stopped working!

As a support, ther are other scenarios he could have done: A. Contact me and say, due to the current state of my site it might afect the performance or even file,script and 3rd party ap deletion, if he tried to fix the issue. Better have it fixed first and re-install once you have cleaned up your site's cluter, AM I RIGHT?

2. If you must push your brand to ruin other apps or in exchange collapse all function in the website, then you are no expert sir in fixing things, you are however, a DEMOLITION MAN!

3. By doing this to my web site, you have DISRESPECTED me by doing whatever you felt like without boundaries! YOu did not seek my opinion, you just got in, guns blazing and later claimed your app has been fixed!

4. In FINALITY, you have ruined my site and you have the arrogance to claim that you app has been fixed. I thought I had a consolation, BUT NO! I TRIED CHECKING THE APP AND STILL DOES NOT WORK!


United Kingdom
8 days using the app