MultiVariants ‑ Bulk Order

MultiVariants ‑ Bulk Order


Bulk order for multiple variants quantity with min/max limit

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Increase sales and conversion

The ordering process is made simple for multiple variant products. Easy Order Process > Convert More = Increase Sales.

Variants bulk add to cart

Selling in bulk? Let your customers add multiple variants (ex.Red-S[12], Red-L[24]) of the same product into the cart in just one click.

Min/Max quantity & variants

Minimum/maximum order quantity per variant or combination of variants. Restrict min/max number of variants, order value per product/variant

MultiVariants ‑ Bulk Order 정보

One-click bulk add to cart for product variants

MultiVariants - Bulk Order allows your customers to order multiple variants and quantities of the same product in just one click. Increase your sales and conversion rate by allowing bulk product orders.

Are you selling multiple variant products? Or selling in bulk/wholesale? Want to make your ordering process easy?

Convert your default variants dropdown into a variant list table with the quantity box to allow your customers to select multiple variants and quantities at the same time and add to the shopping cart in a single click.

Easy Shopping Experience > Happy Customers

Features for your wholesale or bulk selling stores

MultiVariants - bulk add to cart comes with features you need to sell products with multiple variants for your B2B/wholesale stores

Super simple installation

Prepare your store for bulk variant orders with just a few clicks. No manual integration or coding required. Auto works with most themes

Apply MultiVariants to specific or group of products

Create rules for a single and different type of product group including individual display settings

Variants display in grid/matrix layout

Display variants combinations in a grid/table/matrix layout for easy ordering

Variants custom text

Allow customers to add custom text/comments for every variant

Incremental (bundle) quantity selector (drop-down)

Allow you to sell variants in bundle quantity and customers can choose the quantity from a drop-down list as you defined. Ex: 12, 24, 48, 100, 200

Min/Max number of variants.

Limit minimum/maximum number of variants purchase

Min/Max quantity per variant or combination of the total variants

Set minimum/maximum quantity per variant or combination of all variants

Min/Max value (minimum order) per variant/total

Set minimum/maximum order value (amount) of product/variants

Validation in the cart page

Validate restriction while in the cart for restricted items

Sticky action buttons

Show add to cart and other action buttons as sticky bars to make a simple purchase process

Show total order price

Display the total price for all selected variants and quantities before adding to the cart

More features

  • Display all variant combinations with the quantity box for bulk order on the product page
  • Display settings for variants unit/total price, available stock quantity, icons, Out of Stock including image badge.
  • Direct to checkout button
  • Variants option display list/select/swatch
  • Customize theme to match your brand
  • Upload custom out of stock badge

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  • Variants display with quantity box

  • Inventory check

  • Out of Stock badge

  • Price display in unit/total

  • Image icon display

  • Hide out of stock items



또는 연당 $47.90 로 $3.99/월 청구

  • All starter features

  • Apply to specific or group of products

  • Variants grid/matrix display

  • Show total order price

  • Sticky action buttons



또는 연당 $95.90 로 $7.99/월 청구

  • All standard features

  • Custom text

  • Min/Max quantity of variant/total

  • Limit number of variants

  • Bundle quantity (drop-down)

  • Checkout button

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Es una app muy util cuando necesitas generar ordenes conjuntas, y muy versátil, permite editar casi todo, pero realmente lo mejor es el servicio, me han ayudado con respuestas casi inmediatas de menos de 12 horas han solucionado en varias ocasiones mis dudas.

Great plugin and great experience with the customer service. Strongly recommended for anyone looking for a strong and declinable variant management.

개발자 회신

2021년 2월 7일

Thank you so much for such wonderful feedback. We are truly glad to know that MultiVariants - Bulk Order succeeded in fulfilling the requirements of your business. We are also glad to know that you found our customer service helpful. Thank you for recommending the app to other merchants. We wish you all the best with your business.


MultiVariants ‑ Bulk Order very helpful to us .Support is very kind and nice guy .Nice app .good app

개발자 회신

2021년 2월 7일

Thank you for your feedback. We are happy that MultiVariants ‑ Bulk Order proved helpful to your business. We are also happy to know you liked our customer support as well. Wish you all the best...