MWP Diet Calorie Calculator

MWP Diet Calorie Calculator

door MWP Development

Advanced calorie calculator, calculate data for your diet

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Advanced Calorie Calculator

You can choose which parameter do you want to calculate for your diet


Allow you to customize colors, text, results sections, BMR methods, set default unit system and gender

Supports Bootstrap Framework

Supports Bootstrap 3 and Bootstrap 4 frameworks

Over MWP Diet Calorie Calculator

MWP Diet Calorie Calculator

Diet calorie calculator - advanced calorie calculator app will help your customers to calculate and understand their daily calorie intake, plus some other data(BMR, BMI, fat body mass) which is required to maintain diet according to their lifestyle. Our diet calculator app is highly customizable and allows to get calorie intake for both men and women. Just fill in all required fields, set the desired goal (lose weight, maintain, lean gain or bulk) and get your results.

Diet Calorie Calculator allow your customer to calculate next data for their diet:

  • BMR – Basal Metabolic Rate
  • TDEE – Total Daily Energy Expenditure
  • BMI – Body Mass Index
  • LBM – Lean Body Mass
  • FBM – Fat Body Mass
  • WTH – Waist to Height
  • MFM – Maximum Fat Metabolism
  • MRDC – Minimum Recommended Daily Calories
  • Workout Calories – Calories intake during day when you are working out
  • Rest Calories – Calories intake on your rest day
  • Weeks to Goal – Number of weeks to reach goal weight
  • Weight Class – Obesity type

Diet Calorie Calculator features:

  • Responsive
  • Support Bootstrap 3 framework
  • Support Bootstrap 4 framework
  • Provide AJAX calculations (without page reload)
  • Admin section with live customization preview
  • You can choose which result items to show
  • You can set Female as default gender
  • Calculations in Imperial (in, lbs) and Metric (cm, kg) units system
  • You can set desired units system
  • You can calculate BMR using different methods: Mifflin-St Jeor, Harris-Benedict, Katch-Macardle, Cunningham or Average among methods

Our diet app allow you to easily customize next:

  • Default units system: Metric/Imperial, Imperial/Metric, Imperial only, Metric only
  • Set default position of gender toggle Male or Female
  • Enable support for Bootstrap 3, Bootstrap 4 or custom theme framework
  • Set custom color for almost every element in the form
  • Set popup texts for each result item, submit button, form heading
  • Set desired visible result items
  • Select which BMR method must be used by default, will hide other methods

How to use

  • Install the app
  • Create new page
  • Add next code <div id="mwp-fwp"></div> to the page HTML content
  • Go to the app settings General -> Enable App and turn on checkbox
  • Save settings

Or just check the tutorial video for more details (you can find link on app settings page)

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