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MXED ‑ Sell Pop Culture Merch

by Hingeto

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Junction Collectibles

I run an online collectibles shop. I used the MXED app along with Shopify to do business. Tech support is great. I have never had issues with them (being in business with them for five months now). There is a plethora of products to choose from to help populate a store.

My only gripe would be that it would be nice if they offered more items for international shipping and/or allowed dropshippers (like myself) a way to provide our own paid shipping if it is cheaper.

Besides that, the app functions as it is supposed to. Tech support is great. I hope to do business with them for years to come.

Super Wasabi

Guys please update the merchandise. I love this app but the weekly updates haven't been happening like they used too.


These guys frigging rock. They have a great product line, and they are on top of order fulfillment like nobody else. Keep up the good work MXED. You got it going on.

Thepink Label


One of the co-founders did get in contact me and listened to me ramble (which I do when angry so I can keep from screaming, lol) , and wanted to help. I am updating my review to reflect that as promised. I'm only adding three stars as I've not yet ordered the samples from them, so I'd like to see how they arrive before I give them a full five. We will be using them for an event/promo, so we'll get to see them in action. I thank Yaw for contacting me to rectify and create a new working relationship. Good customer service can go a very long way. He seems to get this. Will keep ya'll posted with an update.


I had been watching MXD for a while, since they hit the app store. I have friends that work at Marvel and it takes a LOT to get a license. I started that process and went ahead and used MXD, but they had a limit and a fee when they first started. Once they dropped that, I began adding more things to my store, making sure I had backups for any merchandise I might sell out of or they got something before I did OR had something I didn't. I have begun ordering samples from all my suppliers, but I do it as a customer through my own site. As you usually have control and can adjust the price from most, via the back end, I asked MXD how I could do this as theirs is a little different. Not only did the guy not understand me (and that part is fine, that happens) he sent me instructions I didn't ask for. I replied back, asking him to re-read what I asked and what I got back appalled me. That's not how I speak to my customers and definitely don't want to be spoken to that way. He didn't say something like 'I am sorry, I am not clear what you're asking, is this what you mean or could you elaborate a bit more, I'm not sure' What I got was...are you seeing something I'm not, haven't you ever ordered samples before?! Is there some kind of button you see there?! (I'm paraphrasing) but VERY snarky, rude and unprofessional. I wrote back asking them to refrain from being snarky please and elaborated further. 15 hours later, no response from any of them. I'm quite sure Marvel or any of the other licensors would not like to hear that there negativity from licensee's handling their brand on the worlds largest ecommerce platform. Very disappointed and will make sure I share my disappointment further.


can be useful app when you want to sell licensed items.


Your app looks amazing, We would like to know how to add all categories and all the Items at once? since we need to add all products available in mxed, please find a solution to add all categories in bulk. WE CAN'T ADD 10,000 PRODUCTS MANUALLY


Installed app a few months ago, so far so good! Product selection is good and is simple to add products into the store. Only thing I'd like is a better search option to find all products.

Cozy Cabana

App is easy to use, my first order came very quickly, and customer is happy with the quality. We wish there were more T-shirts for women. Some of the descriptions from their suppliers are great, but some give no details at all. They had great response and said they would work on improving this.

The Borough

We love this app we are able to sell some of our favorite licenses. Can’t wait to see way more product and licenses are realeased! :D

Saygeek Shirts

I've had such a positive experience I can't believe I didn't find this app sooner!

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