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by Hingeto

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The app has gone downhill. The customer service is terrible, all they give you are vague responses and don’t want to give refunds for late fulfillment and late deliveries. They don’t update their inventory. Is sad because i like the merch but they lack professionalism and are not committed to deliver a good customer service experience.

Very slow shipping. Unresponsive customer care. I cancelled a duplicate order that I THINK shopify pushed through, never received a refund even though the item was never shipped. Had to refund a customer due to super slow shipping of an item. It's been a week and the item still hasn't shipped. When I inquired about the shipping I was told "you are not eligible for a credit". Never even answered my question. If you're giving me bad customer service you're forcing me to give my clients bad customer service. I can't UN-recommend enough.
To update, I finally got a response on this shipment today, 9/9/2019 (It was ordered 8/23). It was totally shipped ,they just never bothered to update the system until today. So, this allowed my customer to claim they never received the item and I basically bought it for them. This could have been avoided if, 1 they had updated the tracking or 2 given me the tracking information when I emailed the first time instead of waiting for 3 emails to update it. Still don't recommend.

Evelyn’s Room Creations

It was great when things are slow. As soon as the holiday season hit everything fell apart. I had to give refunds to almost everyone. My single contact, Brandon , was trying but it apparently he was every other shops single contact too and the response time left much to be desired. Wish they would do better, the selection (most wasn’t in stock) was great. I check the reviews every so often to see if they have improved. It all fell apart for my shop holiday 2018. I haven’t used them since. Sadly they had not.


I have to agree with the previous review, MXED really has something unique to offer but unfortunately they have not been able to execute at all. I put a lot of time into curating great products, writing descriptions etc, and it all went to waste when I realized that their inventory levels were not updating accurately. When I reached support, I was told that this was either because inventory was "Currently out of stock" or "Discontinued".. with no indication of which it was, I was forced to delete almost all of the products I had synced - on risk of selling items that were not available.

As much as I love the idea MXED offers, I'd seriously recommend to stay away.

Lava Life Store

I love their products, but this app has been disastrous to my business, as I have had to refund customers routinely for late and cancelled orders. Plus, I was just charged for an item that is discontinued. So I had to refund the customer, and pay the cost of the item to MXED. Many items listed are out of stock or discontinued entirely. App does not update quantities on your Shopify account. On a positive note, they have some great products, you would have a hard time finding elsewhere and reasonable prices. But it’s a total crap shoot if an order will be filled. I started logging in every morning and verifying that products were still available, but that got old quick! If you are going to use them, prepare your customers for 5-7 business days for handling, additional time for shipping and only add a few items, so you can track the quantities. Maybe Shopify will work with them on syncing quantities and notifying Shopify sellers when products are sold out. Apps, such as Spocket, routinely send me updates when a product is sold out or no longer available. I would highly recommend MXED looks into this.

Omni Geek Shop

I have changed my rating for this app several times over the last few months but at this point this is all I am going to give them until they fix all of the issues. If you want to sell licensed products but dont have outside sources I would recommend looking for other sources. You can use this app but make sure it is not your only supplier because they are not reliable.


This app could be great. I can't find any other supplier that has the type of products you have. The inventories are way too low and it makes me nervous to post on my store. I just placed my first order, so I will see how that goes, but until there are higher inventories I feel nervous marketing the products because it's likely they will be sold out soon. I will change my rating once things are improved.


Unacceptable! No support and I still do not have a tracking number for an order I placed. great products but i'm deleting this app. Shame!

Decades T-Shirt Company

I enjoy using the app to sell extras for my website! Gives me and my customers more range and to add on most of the purchase from my site! They keep up with stock really well. Updates regularly and keeps adding great products that are current with pop culture! This is why my site is perfect match for these guys! Check us out at


Updated 05/13/19
I do plan to give them another try...
Im updating this review because for a few reasons, once items were shipped, they were delivered pretty quick and my customers were satisfied( which is the most important part) So while this got off to a very bumpy start, it did end well.

I was contacted by Brandon after leaving my last review, which was nice to have someone actually listen to my concerns and address them. They really do read these reviews guys, and are aware of the problems many of us are/were having and working to fix it. I think they have potential of being a 5 star app once they get everything straightened out.

Dont waste your time! At first I was so excited to find this app and sell from it, my excitement quickly turned to disappointment when the orders took over a week to even ship, the item descriptions do not always match the item. And the customer service is an absolute joke! They do not help at all and send only generic responses. No personalized help at all.

Developer reply

May 10, 2019

Sorry about this experience. We hold a standard of 3 business days to ship typically. We've fallen from this during high peak time (Holiday) but has been pretty consistent in 2019 thus far. I'm sorry your order took longer. We plan on rolling out a much more robust help center (think articles, robust FAQ's and better content generally) so customer service issues are revolved faster, this allows us the bandwidth to help solve truly unique problems as they come up.

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