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Domestic Platypus

This app fills a much needed niche... offering great pop culture products which are easy add-ons & sales for any shop selling related product.

As most selling these types of products will know, offering them at anything resembling a reasonable price or making half decent margins typically means purchasing & physically stocking significant quantities, ensuring that there's always something new to be seen, etc.

MXED goes a long way in improving this, allowing you to continually expand and refresh your general offerings while freeing up capital to stock other more specific products.

The products are all officially licensed, good quality, and ship quickly. Pricing is reasonable allowing for more competitive retailing and decent margins... another point at which other dropshipping services often fail.

This is a relatively new app. As such they are still ironing out many of the finer details. There have been some more serious issues but these seem to have largely been resolved.

There are still improvements to be made - better product descriptions, vendors & licenses to be added, better browse and stock management...

That said, while unable to rate MXED a full 5 stars just yet, I can highly recommend them to others selling these types of products.

I experienced a large number of issues just prior to and during the holidays, most of which have been solved for the future by recent updates. However, having been through this, I can say that their leadership actually listens and is not dismissive of issues but responsive & pro-active. They are quite obviously committed to continued growth, improvement and not only gaining additional users (as so many are) but retaining existing users by establishing and maintaining trust.

If you've utilized more than a few drop shipping apps or services, you undoubtedly know how rare and refreshing this is. A drop shipping service that understands that they're actually a *partner* to your business is like finding a tiger-striped, winged unicorn that shoots rainbow lasers, likes cats and makes french toast. So take a look and, if the products are something which might appeal to your customers, give them a shot.

Fed Up Frannie's

Easy app to use. Install and you're up in running with products in no time at all. Any hiccups that occur are rare & are followed up on after submitting a ticket right at the admin site. Products are fresh and not easily found at other sites. I give it an A to B with an A+ in customer service. Try it out.

Pop World Ent

I've been using this app for a while now, and to be honest everything wasn't always perfect especially during the holiday season. But what I like about the company is that they are willing to own up to their mistakes and make up for it as well. I plan on sticking with mxed because when its working it's the best drop shipping company out there. And let's be honest, we all have made mistakes for time to time. Thanks to the mxed support staff for finally getting things back to normal and I look forward to this coming holiday season.


Great products, great costume service. Looks like all the problems with the inventory have been fixed.

Deryma Art

Great app and great support. A lot of merchandise to choose from. Quality is top!
Just don't rely on titles, descriptions this app provides, make your own!


Merchandise is from BIOWORLD. You can probably get an account there instead. I installed this app at the beginning of the year. Didn't have any issues and they shipped quick. So I started adding a bunch of their inventory. About 700 items. I sorted them by category and everything. Well it turns out that some of the products didn't import very well. Some of the items would have $0. I would get orders from customers and when I checked the order they were for $0 that item. So the reason for the 2 stars. They inventory sync is horrible. I would get orders and when I go to their app to purchase it they say it's out of stock. Then why don't it sync with shopify. Holiday season was the worst. I had to refund so many orders. I went to their support to complain and see what was happening. They didn't even respond until a week later. Stating they're working on having the inventory sync in real time. That's not going to work for me.

Witty Novelty

Do not bother. Their support chat is useless, no solutions, just talk. Syncing products is a pain also and you can't even be sure if they are synced or not. App itself has major issues but the problem really starts when you start to get orders. I am not talking about late shipments or anything, they can't even deliver. Support send me a message about how they broke with one of their suppliers and how this event messed up November for them and us and told me that they take full responsibility when I asked about unfulfilled order I received a week ago. This order was a Christmas order. Probably they couldn't even fulfill any orders till today (12/22/2018). But app still show they have inventory. What a waste of time...

Bag of Holding + 1

I don't understand why Shopify is even allowing this app to be on its platform. Mxed failed to hold up to their end of the bargain as a drop shipper. They do not respond to any emails, including those about why orders haven't shipped, cancelling said orders, or refunding your money back after they messed up. Mxed is a horrible company with shady business practices. They will take your money, never fulfill your orders or respond to any inquiries. You would be better of gambling your money on a fixed poker game then using this app. You have been warned.

Sassy Bassett Designs

First month of using this app it was GREAT!

But then it dropped drastically! Orders not shipping, no customer support, no communication for DAYS to which I still do don't have an response on orders I need to cancel, refund, need to know when they will ship (if at all) etc.

Do not use this app. They will make you and your company look bad and that is never a good thing.

Contacted Shopify to make complaint as well. They emailed the developer and never got a response. I can't understand why this app is still available for download.

Pop Merch Vault

I really want to love this app/service. But there are so many flaws that are easy to avoid. Honestly, too many to really list out. Majority of product descriptions are written poorly or nothing at all (poor grammar, spelling etc). Product titles that look like someone just smashed a bunch of keys and called it done. One MAJOR thing you will need to be sure of is your pricing. DO NOT go based on the MSRP, it may look like you will have a profit, but based on their shipping costs and your product cost a lot of the items you will lose money on. So you have to manually raise prices (or integrate an app to bulk set prices) in order to actually turn a profit on all of your items. But the biggest complaint I have is their non existent customer support, I have been trying to resolve an issue of products not being shipped out (seems like a common occurrence with this company). With as many people using this service and the holidays in full effect, there should be staff ready to help out, I shouldn't be waiting close to a week for any response to resolve an issue for a customer. Bottom line, we the merchants look bad and unprofessional due to the short comings of this service, and that is completely unacceptable.

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