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MXED - Sell Official Pop Culture Merch

MXED - Sell Official Pop Culture Merch

Developed by Hingeto

33 reviews
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  • Sell officially licensed product with no upfront costs
  • Orders shipped directly to your customer (3 business days). Inventory and prices synced automatically with no hassles
  • Extra Bonuses - Access to exclusive products and offerings based on your favorite licenses

Currently due to licensing restrictions the Shopify store and customer must be based in the USA

What is MXED?

MXED allows you to quickly and easily sell officially licensed pop culture products within your Shopify store. The Shopify store selects and markets the product and Mxed takes care of the rest from production, logistics, and shipping. Top products from licenses such as Harry Potter, Star Wars, and Marvel are all available through the MXED app. Your very own pop culture store is just a click away.


We created MXED because we know that as fans, finding cool pop culture products can sometimes be difficult. MXED makes it so that anyone can set up their very own shop and sell the products that they love. To us, it was about creating an opportunity to give the fans we know and love a chance to carry our huge variety of products, without having to worry about logistics.

How does MXED Work?

We find the latest and greatest in pop culture products. From bags, to tees to dresses, we make sure our selection gives you comprehensive options to give your customers exactly what they want. You simply download the app, set up your products and you are ready to start selling. We handle all the logistics and licensing, and you are billed through MXED. It is the easiest way to represent your favorite pop culture brands and carry all your favorites in your store.

  • Click the "Get" button

  • Signin to your existing Shopify account

  • Setup your billing

  • Select the products you would like to sell

  • Drive revenue

How much does MXED cost?

MXED is completely free, so sign up and try it out!

Official Licensed Product:

  • DC Comics

  • Harry Potter

  • Pokemon

  • StarWars

  • Crunchy Roll

  • Warner Brothers

  • Marvel

  • Disney

  • Nickelodeon

  • Nintendo

  • Call of Duty

  • Capcom

  • Halo

  • Fallout

  • Rick & Morty

MXED Features

  1. Officially licensed products

  2. US based fulfillment

  3. Fulfill Orders Automatically

  4. Price and Inventory Updates

  5. Margin Automations

  6. Filter product by License and category

How much profit will i make?

You set your own prices for each product. We set a base/wholesale price then you add your markup.


1.Is MXED available for retailers and customers outside the USA?

No currently due to licensing restrictions the retailer and customer must be based in the USA

2.How long does shipping take?

3 business days

3.How does MXED handle returns?

    MXED will only accept returns for credit that do not meet the requirements of the purchase order.

    1. MXED will accept returns for products that are different from that specified in original order.

    2. MXED will accept returns for products that has a print or material flaw; picture documentation is required from the customer.


Feel free to contact us at support@mxedapp.com for help on getting started


  1. Tshirts

  2. Sweatshirts

  3. Footwear

  4. Bags

  5. Headwear

  6. Accessories

MXED - Sell Official Pop Culture Merch reviews

33 reviews
  1. 5 stars (27 reviews)
  2. 4 stars (3 reviews)
  3. 3 stars (1 review)
  4. 2 stars (0 reviews)
  5. 1 star (2 reviews)

I agree with one of the reviewers. I was unable to fulfill an order. On Friday after sending mxed a message and than contacting a Shopity rep who also tried to fulfill the order and failed. She too sent a message to mxed. This was early morning. At about 2:00 pm I checked my message and emails which showed nothing from mxed. I call shopity back. They to have not received any response from mxed. This shopity rep. also tried to help fulfill the order with no success. Mxed asked us to contact the app developer before leaving a bad review. Why? no one responded to three messages that was sent until after 10:00 pm Friday night Wow! this was almost 12 hours since the first message was sent. I am running a business. Now I have to give my customer another excuse.This is a bad business practice that can hurt my business not Mxed.


Support seems to be on break. Not replying to emails and their live chat messages have been ignored for the last 20 hours. I'm worried that this program is not making their pricing clear at not creating a clear under standing of what beta means ? Do I pay a certain amount when the beta is over ? If I put 500 products during the beta, am I automatically put into the highest tier when it ends ?

Much of this information is unclear on their support website ans I'm a tad worried.


Installed and got 3 sales within the hour. I'm not even kidding.


This app and the team behind it makes it so much easier to dropship licensed products. Support is excellent and every question is answered promptly. Order fulfilment and shipping is just as promised. Amazing experience so far.


The best so far for products. The customer support is great and responds very fast.


Great APP with great support. Responded to my request with great urgency.


I honestly like how easy MXED makes dropshipping. They have plenty of gear to choose from! The only recommendation that I would give is to have the orders populate on their platform faster so that orders can get pushed out faster. Other than that I will stay working with MXED!


Hello Everyone,
I recently just installed this app and learned about it. I severely recommend this app for those that have a niche in gaming or stuff of that nature. I have asked a lot of questions and the customer service is fast and has answered my concerns. I definitely suggest having this app at your disposal!


I love so many of the products and the service is great! I just hope I can start selling them and not just buy them for myself! I would like to see a wider range of T-shirt sizes (3x & 4x) along with different shirt styles, like sweatshirts/hoodies, or women's style tees.


Really liking this app. The customer service is responsive and these guys/gals are very helpful. The products provided are flying off the shelves in my store. Awesome and thanks!!


Free to use & fully automated - Zero setup fees. Zero upfront costs. No minimum orders.

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