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I want to warn people to stay far away from My Easy Monogram. As others have said they are not fulfilling orders and if you have to refund your customers it's HELL trying to get your money back from these people. I had to refund one customer and on May 8th Brad said they would refund me what I paid to My Easy Monogram for this order, HE SAID, "first thing in the morning." It's been 7+ days and I haven't heard from them since about this and yes, I've sent them other messages. In the 2 weeks I've been selling their products I've sent them a total of 6 orders to be fulfilled (half of those orders are already late: past the 7-10 business days of processing time to ship, that they gave to me directly) and of course now I'm facing the realization that I will probably have to end up refunding all of these customers (since MEM are not fulfilling orders)...Then I will be involved in the fight of dealing with their lies of THEN trying to get the money back I paid them for these orders. Shopify should really remove them from this app store, at this point it's like Shopify is legally giving them a platform to steal money from people.

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I hate leaving negative reviews but this is by far the worst POD company. You have to wait a day most times for customer service to respond to you and when they do no progress is made. It's just a back and forth conversation about the same issue. My first order was a Mom Established Sign a customer ordered a month ago. To date nothing has happened. They just say they are checking with the Team. I am trying not to refund the customer but I might have to. To make things worse Another customer purchased and I am scared that the same thing is going to happen. I wonder what other Metal Wall Art Suppliers are out here.

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I hate leaving negative reviews, but this is the worst POD company I have dealt with. Impossible to communicate with customer service, you have to wait most of the time 24 hrs. for a response. I had an issue with a client that placed an order 02/07 for a gift for her husband. Still today 03/02 and the client hasn’t received the package and probably will not. On top of the order being late, now they say the post office didn’t scan the label so we don’t know if the order will arrive on time. Customer wants a refund and this company cannot process the refund because they have to wait 14 days to file a claim with the post office. I mean it looks like we are dealing with Chinese products. This is worse than Alibaba and Aliexpress together

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Half the orders were late. Their customer service is horrible. Great idea , Horrible Execution. I connected Ebay to my shopify and I had added some of their products. the first order their was a connection problem and we worked through it. Several other orders came in and they went through fine other than some being late. On one of my recent orders it showed up on Shopify but not on my My Easy Monogram so I messaged them and ask if they could put the order in the que to get produced while we figure this out. they get back to me 7 days later with "We do not support Ebay" no work around , No" lets get this out but in the future" Nothing. REPLY TO THEIR AUGUST 16th RESPONSE : As you can see Ebay is not the issue I complained about, it was their customer service and taking a week to respond, Yes the issue started with Ebay but the problem is how they dealt with it. they just dont get it. Re Ebay: It is offered on the shopify app along with other sales platforms so it is supposed to work. If your app does not work with other apps that connect to Shopify Maybe consider a disclaimer as I suggested to you in the messages that you dont respond too.

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My Easy Monogram Inc 已回覆 2022年8月16日

So just to clarify, you took products from our Shopify App and tried selling on Ebay, but you ran into issues. Can you show me where we claim to support Ebay sales?


Bad & inconsistent support! Running a business and making sure projects are completed on time is super important. MEM doesn't make it easy when they reply back once in a while, or completely ghost me, MULTIPLE TIMES. I simply wanted to know how my custom design was going, no response after multiple follow-ups. Nada.

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My Easy Monogram Inc 已回覆 2022年3月29日

Hey, we chatted a while back about these issues with you and apologized for anything that went wrong. We would love to work out anything else and make sure that your experience improves!


My customer ordered May 14th. It is still unfulfilled. And there has been no response in asking them to cancel the order and refund the money. Multiple messages trying to make this work, were not answered. Total fail.

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**UPDATE: after reading the owners response I stand by my review. I never harassed anybody, used any fowel language or was disrespectful. I am a very apologetic person so I apologized if I came off rude for asking where my order was twice after my messages went opened and I responded. That was my first problem with this store. Then upon receiving the item I find that it isn’t even what was ordered it is 18 gauge instead of 16. After sending numerous messages for a day I finally got through to someone after sending a message on Facebook. I was not “kicked off” I uninstalled the app because I will not be using this company any further after this unpleasant experience. Extremely rude customer service, I ordered their 16 gauge signs and received 18 gauge. When contacting them I was told it was a supply issue. But was still expected to pay for 16 gauge. When I finally got ahold of someone after being ignored I was pretty much told ”oh well it’s a supply issue”, no resolution was given to fix the problem. Both times I have had to deal with customer service it is really long wait and they end up being extremely rude. Be careful and order samples before using this company.

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My Easy Monogram Inc 已回覆 2022年5月26日

We received this poor review because I had to kick this seller off of our platform for harassment. She was harassing our support team so aggressively that she even apologized later that day. She was refunded in full, even though our product was successfully delivered within the posted lead time. I will happily stand behind my support staff who work very hard for all of our sellers.


I absolutely hate leaving negative reviews, But this is warranted. I installed the app a few weeks ago and followed everything as instructed, Had an issue with items rendering, Contacted support for help, Was told by Brad a few times he would have the dev team look into it, Had to constantly reach out every few days and still nothing was done, Now if this is how they treat a seller how are they going to handle an issue with a customer.... removed products and app and will find another, Sorry guys, But you really need to improve , It's a shame too, you're products seemed very nice

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