My QR Code

My QR Code

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Customize your unique QR Code, boost your sales

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Promote store by QR Code

Promote your store and products to people by generating a QR Code associated with your store and product and then sending it to people.


With the exclusive range of customizations, you can create a distinctive QR Code. There are many options, including color, size, label, etc.

Scan to buy

Customers can scan the QR Code to buy a range of items instead of one, and they can also acquire a discount code embedded in the QR Code.

关于 My QR Code

My QR Code app is a useful and convenient tool for creating your own custom QR Codes.

  1. You can generate dynamic or static QR Codes whether it for your links, product page, Website URL ,text, send email, sms, wifi, ..... and then you can send this code for your customer, friend or make flypaper that have your code, your customer can scan your code to view product with their phone.
  2. Create QR Code that make a call , sms or send email when customer scan code can help you connect to customer directly.
  3. You can set your password in each QR code to protect your infor in QR code
  4. Customize QR Code according to your wishes and creativity, make it more unique and beautiful.


  1. Create scan to buy QR Code (help customer make an order when scan QR Code).
  2. Go to Url.
  3. Show text.
  4. Create QR Code for wifi, location, sms, make a call, send email.
  5. Statistic location and scan traffic your QR code.
  6. Customize your QR Codes.





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