The all-in-one e-commerce dropshipping platform integration.

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MyDepot - Dropshipping Simplified

Do you want to access thousands of high-quality home and furniture products, seamlessly integrating with Amazon, Shopify, and Wayfair?

If so then look no further than MyDepot’s e-commerce dropshipping integration.

Utilize MyDepot’s strategic platform to deliver outstanding products to your customers all the while shipping directly from our continental US-based fulfillment centers.

Simply create an account, select the products you want to upload, and sell on your Shopify store. Add your own brand's panache to the products and voila.

MyDepot monitors inventory, sources the best shipping providers, fulfills your order, and ensures customer satisfaction.

This leaves you time to focus on what matters most for your online e-commerce business. Growing your brand and getting traffic to your Shopify store.

At MyDepot we are proud of our heritage of helping online businesses thrive and succeed. To achieve this we have integrated these features into our platform.

Our Features

Try For Free Do you have a fantastic business idea that is waiting to come to fruition? Start for free with MyDepot and watch your idea come to life.

Product Catalogue With over 10,000 products to choose from, test and add as many products to your Shopify store as you wish.

Brand The Products Take the hundreds of products from Mydepot and add your brand's unique story to them.

Bulk orders Provide your customers with bulk orders effortlessly. We constantly update our inventory to ensure you are never left in the dark.

Fast Delivery With our dedicated inventory based in the US, MyDepot is able to fulfill from our East and West Coast locations quickly increasing customer satisfaction. No 6-week international shipping, EVER.

Customer Service The secret to a great brand is customer service. Caring for the people who support your business's vision. We ensure you can deliver phenomenal customer service with fast shipping options, great products, and our own dedicated team of extraordinaires to help you along the way.

Simple User Interface Enjoy daily using our platform's simple and easy-to-use interface. Manage orders, track shipments, and inventory, all from within Shopify.

Built-in Platform Refunds And Returns Assistance It is inevitable as a business you will get returns and have to issue refunds. With our dedicated platform, submit customer issues and reach manufacturers easily.

Tutorials Access our easy-to-use guides to make the most of MyDepot and ensure your dropshipping business's success.



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