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Mypacco Logistics Solutions :

You sell. We’ll help you parcel.

Now, sending is so simple!
Manage your entire logistics with JUST ONE CLICK without having to phone the logistics partner.

Ship your goods anywhere in India, anywhere in the world by air and surface.
Transactions happening on your e-commerce store or via a phone call can be uploaded instantly to the Mypacco platform.

    Salient Features:

• Manage total Logistics with just “One Click"

API Integration from store into the Logistics Dashboard

Single Dashboard for Merchant to manage logistics

• Logistics offering Pan India and International service

Leading & Reputed Logistics Service Partners

• Air Mode (Courier) for Domestic and International

Surface (Transport) for Domestic

• Automation of Documentation (Air, Road, Domestic, International)


Real Time Tracking

• Communications (SMS and Email) with all stakeholders

Customisable for each Merchant

Getting Started:

1. What is Mypacco?

Mypacco is India’s intermediate shipping solution for your domestic and international shipping. The platform serves as an efficient and hassle-free medium for customers to get access to different courier companies under one roof virtually, and send mail or parcels from anywhere in India to anywhere in the world by booking an order online

2. What are the advantages of Mypacco?

Take advantage of Mypacco to ship your products through India’s best Logistic Partners and take the pride of delivery in the least amount of time. All of this while paying the lowest shipping fee, Can it get any better than this?
With Mypacco, get an edge by using the automated tracking system and other benefits that will help you reduce the overhead cost of having more resources to reconcile orders.

3. How do I register my merchant Id with Mypacco?

To be a part of the program all you need to do is follow our 3 step activation process [Visit, Register and Verify], following the steps you will be enrolled under the program. Visit http://seller.mypacco.com.

Before you submit the registration form we request you to kindly go through the Terms & conditions of Mypacco.

4. Why do I have to verify my email id?

The email address that you will have to provide would be set as your primary contact email. You can use your email id to log in to your Mypacco account. You will receive the username and the password once you verify the email address. You will also receive all the necessary information and communications to your registered email address, hence verification of the email id is mandatory.

Note, without verification your enrollment process would not get completed.

5. Can I change my contact details after registration?

Yes, you can change both the contact number and the email address after registration. Mypacco merchant’s login page gives you an option to edit you contact details.

6. Are all Categories covered in Mypacco?

Mypacco strictly follows the rules and regulations of the DGCA and the Logistic Service Provider (LSP). You can view a detailed list on excluded categories here.

7. Is there a minimum volume commitment for Mypacco?

No, there is no minimum volume commitment.

8. Does Mypacco provides Surface courier services as well?

Yes, Mypacco provides Surface service for both Prepaid and COD payment options

9. Which all courier services are available and which all pincodes are serviceable?

Mypacco assign LSP to the orders basis the serviceability levels [Basic, Premium or both]. We may later give the merchant an option to choose the LSP through whom they are comfortable in shipping.

10. What if the buyer wants to change the address?

Sorry, currently we do not have an option to change the address of the buyer for delivery.

Order management:

11. What is “seller.mypacco.com “?

Seller.mypacco.com is an online support tool for merchants which would be accessible only post registration under Mypacco.

The seller will be enabled for to use the below options.
• Customer Billing
• Orders Management
• Security
• Customer Profile
• Manage Balance

12. What should I do, once I get an order?

Once you have the order online below are the steps that you need to follow.

• Log in to your Mypacco merchant login page
• Book and order with us. By entering the required details
• Mark the order as Ready to Ship.

The LSP personnel will directly visit your pickup address to receive the shipment

13. Do I need to inform LP about pickup? How are pickups organized?

LSP will be automatically assigned during the checkout process. You will be able to see the Order information along with the name of the LSP in your Mypacco login.

When you are ready to ship the item, all you need to do is mark the order as Ready to Ship and print Shipping Label & Order statement. The LSP personnel will come to receive the consignment on the same or following day.

14. What are the different shipping documents required for shipping?

Mypacco allows you the merchant to take the print out of the required document through the merchant login page.

The documents include;
1. Order Statement
2. Shipping Declaration
3. Manifest Copy (Remember to take a sign of the LSP person on the manifest)

The merchant needs to ensure all the state mandatory documents are handed over with the shipment at the time of pickup.

15. Are the shipping labels printed in Courier Company’s format?

The shipping documents printed from the Mypacco merchant login are all preapproved formats which are accepted by all the assigned Logistic Partners

16. What if no one comes for item pickup?

Depending on the pickup schedule, the LSP personnel will come to receive the shipment within same or following working day. LSPs work from Monday to Saturday (excluding Holidays). If there is no pick up, you can visit the merchant login page and submit the online request for immediate resolution.

You can also speak with our Customer Support Executive on toll free number 1800 313 3323 or write an email to us at info@mypacco.com

17. My items have been picked up but it does not show any status in system?

Once the shipments are picked up from your location it may take up to 6-8 hours for the tracking to be available on the respective Logistics Service Provider’s website. If it continues to be unavailable you can visit the merchant login page and submit the online request for immediate resolution.

You can also speak with our Customer Support Executive on toll free number 1800 313 3323 or write an email to us at info@mypacco.com

18. Can I track the order from the panel itself?

Mypacco merchant login page does give you an option to track the shipments. You can click on "Track" button in the "Shipped" packages tab

19. What do I do if the buyer contacts me regarding the status of his shipment?

If the buyer has a question about the status of the shipment, you may request him to refer to the Shipping status available on the respective LSP tracking website. If the buyer has a question or concern about the delay, you can visit the merchant login page and submit the online request for immediate resolution.

You can also speak with our Customer Support Executive on toll free number 1800 313 3323 or write an email to us at info@mypacco.com.

20. What happens if END customer wants to return the product?

This functionality is yet to be launched. Our Team is working on it. We will keep you posted with the progress on the tool.

21. What happens if customer refuses to accept the product in COD order?

If the shipment is refused by the consignee, the same will be returned to the merchant to the address from where the same was picked up.

22. What if the package is returned damaged?

Whenever there is a shipment which is returned by the LSP the merchant needs to thoroughly check if there are any visible damages/pilferages or if the shipment is not in a sealed condition. If you find any of the mentioned points, return the shipment to the LSP and mention the remarks on the Proof of Delivery (POD).

You will also have to send an email to the Mypacco customer support team at info@mypacco.com for further action.

23. What happens if the package is lost in transit?

All the items declared as non traceable would be investigated by the LSP and Mypacco. Post investigation if the shipment is declared as Lost in Transit Mypacco will coordinate with the LSP and cover you for the value of the shipment as per liability (Liability is mentioned in the agreement).

Billing and Reconciliation:

24. What are the rates for shipping?

While going through the enrolment process you will come across an agreement which will include the rate chart for different modes available with Mypacco.

To view the rate chart you can also log in to the merchant login page and click on “Customer Profile”.

25. What do I do if the weight I am being billed for is wrong?

Shipping charges for each transaction will be visible within Mypacco’s merchant login page. Shipping charges are added to your account basis the weight confirmed by the Logistics Service Provider after the item has been picked up and scanned. For any reason if you think you have been overcharged or charged incorrectly, you can visit the merchant login page and submit the online request for immediate resolution.

You can also speak with our Customer Support Executive on toll free number 1800 313 3323 or write an email to us at info@mypacco.com

Find our User Document here on this link :

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