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3. Juni 2021

The app is fantastic, but the customer service is even better. No question is too small or too difficult.
Easy to use, no issues with Aus post and good integration.

Fast 2 jahre mit der App
25. April 2022

I am so happy with this app AND the service is A+ It integrates MyPost Business and Shopify without any problems whatsoever! Amazing. Makes my life so much easier.

Xootr Australia
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Bearbeitet am 9. März 2022

The first version of the app was fantastic, I loved it! Then a newer version came out which I found difficult to use. The developers are great, they address and solve problems quickly. The second version is a little over complicated for my liking, but I've settled in with it and know my way around it. Now I wish it had a "hold" function, for when a customer wants me to put an order aside for weeks or even months!

Hit the Bottle polishes
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SellerDash hat geantwortet 25. August 2021

Hi, thanks for the feedback. We spent the last month making some more improvements to the order display, so the new view is much more like the previous app, along with a bunch of order improvements in app speed and features.

As for the display, we added a 'Dense' view which is like the previous app.
For changing Satchel size, an order does not have to be expanded. Just click on the Package details in the order grid, and you can change packaging information quickly.

We support many customers with different requirements, and a carrier that has many options and features.

We also have very active support via Live Chat so if you have queries it is best to ask for support and we could be happy to assist.

Kind Regards.

17. Januar 2021

Great app! Works great and saves a lot of time. Would love to see the ability to print the orders or split shipments.

Formula Johnson
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3. Juni 2021

Love this app..saves me so much time. Automatically checks the integrity of the customer supplied suburb vs postcode. The new version enables you to pay and print from the app without having to go into mypostbusiness online. The bulk handling of orders for label printing and fulfillment massively reduces time and eliminates any errors that would occur trying to fulfill orders individually. Lots of other cool features simplify fulfillment. We've increased productivity substantially with this simple addition to our business.

Etwa ein jahr mit der App
9. Mai 2021

I've been using this App for months now and cannot believe the amount of time it saves. It does exactly as described: creates the label which is then paid for via MyPost Business account, print the label and then fulfill the order all within the app saving cutting and pasting between Shopify and MyPost. Really like that I can track orders from the App as well. If I could request an enhancement it would be to allow two parcels per one order in the event that customer's order needs to be packed into more than one box.

maisie & clare
Etwa ein jahr mit der App
SellerDash hat geantwortet 9. Mai 2021

Thanks for your review! Two parcels per order isn't natively supported by MyPost at present, but our app does support partial fulfilments, so you can achieve this - look in our Help section at 'How to Partially Fulfill an Order'.

28. Juli 2021

Needed some help setting up the new version of this app. Nathan was extremely helpful and shared full tutorials on how to set up. Love this app, not sure how i ever lived without it!

Mama Bear
Etwa ein jahr mit der App
13. März 2021

Perfect integration with shopify. It does what it says it does, easy to use, not too expensive as well.

Etwa ein jahr mit der App
29. März 2022

This app saves us hours each week in shipping management - it works seamlessly with our Australia post business account and the tech support is almost instant. Fantastic job on this app guys, I recommend it to fellow business owners all the time! - Australian SAS Historical Foundation.

Etwa ein jahr mit der App
23. November 2021

So I was using the Sendle integration, then their drivers stopped showing up when they said they would. That put me in a bad spot so I decided to switch to AusPost. My worry was I had several packages that needed to be shipped ASAP because of Christmas cutoffs. Nathan and his team helped me get through that horrible morning. He answered each and every one of my questions in such thorough detail that I succeeded in navigating that pinch. I 1000000% recommend this app. You can really feel the love, care, and thought they put into this app.

Crafted Matter
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