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6. Juni 2021

This app is AMAZING, so easy to use, and not to mention how outstanding the customer service is, I wasn't sure how to add the shipping rules to match, and my question was answered straight away on the chat and a video of how it was done, recorded on my own page with the Collab request ! how's that for customer service. Highly recommended, thank you.

My Heatless Hair
11 monate mit der App
10. September 2021

Just wanted to let you know how much I LOVE this app. Of all the apps we can choose from in the Shopify App store, this is by far my absolute favourite. I run a very busy online quilt shop (by myself) and the amount of time this app saves me is great. I usually make up orders during the day and then create all the labels last thing. This can sometimes be very late at night so the fact that this app is so quick and easy is a big relief. Thank you so much for all your hard work, it is very much appreciated ☺

Cozy Corner Quilts
9 monate mit der App
24. August 2021

This app is wonderful. It has made creating labels and packing orders so much easier particularly when I have sales. It also by-passes the Aus Post MyPost Business website when the website is down which is a lifesaver!

ISHANI Designs
9 monate mit der App
23. August 2020

This app is fantastic! As a small business owner it has saved me so much time, the app integrated easily with the shopify platform and I am no longer copying address and wasting hours getting shipping ready each day. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

9 monate mit der App
1. Februar 2021

Does what it says. Makes shipping batches of orders much faster and easier. Very happy with this app.

Mako Motorsport
9 monate mit der App
8. Juni 2021

Nathan helped set up my updated version of the app so quickly even made a video to help assist me. He answered all my questions so quick. The app is better now that you don't need to log into aust post then paypal then print.

Bondi Blades
7 monate mit der App
7. Juni 2021

The app its self is really good, and has helped me increase the speed of my order processing by A LOT and is a no-brainer for any Australian business! Needed some help with the new update and Nathan sent me a video response (very quickly) walking me through what I needed to do which was super helpful and some of the best support I've ever received! Thanks again, Hippie Hut! :)

Hippie Hut Australia
6 monate mit der App
1. August 2021

Brilliant app to run Aust Post orders with - simple, fast & flexible. The customer service team are honestly the BEST !! The benefits whether your a small, medium or large business out weight the cost in time saving alone

6 monate mit der App
6. Dezember 2023

Fantastic App! We use it for several of our Shopify stores and it saves us so much time across all of them. Could not recommend it more and it is a great price as well. I feel like apps that work this well are never this affordable. The setup is incredible simple as well. Highly recommend.

Barton Brands Ecomm
Bearbeitet am 8. Juli 2021

Just started to use this app and so far it's does what it claims. It's saved me time from cutting and pasting into AP website and also saved me cutting the reference number back into Shopify. Very pleased with this so far. Little thing. I love how it let's you know that address does not match AP post codes and you can rectify as many people seem to have "post code envy". Once thing I would love for it to have is the ability to take off the customer phone number from the label (privacy reasons only as some customers may get cranky). I know I can manually do this but would love an option to put than in the setting somewhere so it did it automatically. Overall, very pleased with the APP. Not sure how the pricing will go so will find out in a month :) Update: Wow: the new update app is amazing first it was a bit scary and thought I would not like it but wow, the features and customisation included is freaking incredible. Taking out the step to log into Australia post...amazing!!! Maybe you had that function in the old app but I just discovered it :) Love the customisation of the screes too, able to give the team only what they need to fulfil their orders and plus you have taken one big step out of the equation by integrating the payments +++++
GREAT JOB! Great Value for money as I've been using this for over 6 months.

Fetching Ware
4 monate mit der App