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17. Februar 2022

This saves me so much time. I initially installed when I had bulk orders to do but even doing one or two at a time saves me so much hassle and manual inputting. Highly recommend.

So lange wurde die App verwendet: 26 tage
9. Februar 2022

Saving time, reducing errors and loving this app! I initially didn't want to have to pay extra for an app when I could manually enter myself into Aus Post. But after making a few errors on addresses and receiving a higher number of orders, this has been so beneficial. Thank you!

Everluxe Aromas
So lange wurde die App verwendet: Etwa 2 jahre
23. November 2021

So I was using the Sendle integration, then their drivers stopped showing up when they said they would. That put me in a bad spot so I decided to switch to AusPost. My worry was I had several packages that needed to be shipped ASAP because of Christmas cutoffs. Nathan and his team helped me get through that horrible morning. He answered each and every one of my questions in such thorough detail that I succeeded in navigating that pinch. I 1000000% recommend this app. You can really feel the love, care, and thought they put into this app.

Crafted Matter
So lange wurde die App verwendet: 12 monate
Bearbeitet am 7. November 2021

Have been using this app for a few weeks now and it is almost 5 stars. It is simple to use and saves a lot of time in preparing AusPost labels and updating tracking into Shopify. Our main disappointment is that the invoice printing does not pick up the invoice layout from Shopify so it requires either printing invoices separately in Shopify to use your own defined invoice layout, or accepting the layout in the app to print the invoices from within the app (which is the much more efficient way to go). We have suggested to SellerDash to access the Shopify definition and use that for invoice printing in the app. With this feature, definitely 5 stars. Really great and very timely support is provided. Discussion of order/invoice layout with the developer has clarified why, and what can and may be included in future. Up to 5 stars. A really good, easy to use app.

Sip Knit Yarn
So lange wurde die App verwendet: Etwa 2 monate
7. Oktober 2021

Great app. Managed to get help from Nathan through team viewer. He helped me set everything up and spent over half an hour explaining how to use the app. I have now processed my first 4 orders with this app and have gone from hating it when I couldn't sort out how to use it from now loving it. Soooooo easy to use worth every cent. Thanks Nathan

Thea With Love
So lange wurde die App verwendet: 2 tage
17. September 2021

Fantastic app, works great and very easy to use. Processing orders is now a breeze, don't know how did I ever manage without it :) Highly recommend!

Oz Beads
So lange wurde die App verwendet: 3 monate
10. September 2021

Just wanted to let you know how much I LOVE this app. Of all the apps we can choose from in the Shopify App store, this is by far my absolute favourite. I run a very busy online quilt shop (by myself) and the amount of time this app saves me is great. I usually make up orders during the day and then create all the labels last thing. This can sometimes be very late at night so the fact that this app is so quick and easy is a big relief. Thank you so much for all your hard work, it is very much appreciated ☺

Cozy Corner Quilts
So lange wurde die App verwendet: 9 monate
7. September 2021

Feature-rich and functional app which integrates Australia Post's MyPost Business into Shopify very smoothly. We recommend this app to anyone using MyPost Business. LOVE the one-click order fulfilment which updates tracking details for ALL completed orders. Previously we used eParcel with ReadyToShip, which was great, but when we switched from eParcel to MyPost Business it was very laborious to update tracking manually for each order. So grudgingly we went looking for an app that would help, and we are VERY happy to have found this one. The thought of learning a new system was daunting, but support was helpful, with a neat tutorial when we started; a lot of good, succinct FAQs online; and via chat when we still had a couple of questions, and it really didn't take much effort to get this app running smoothly. There are a few features we'd like to see improved, such as a better facility for handling multiple parcel consignments (which can be done, but is a bit clunky), but the devs have already added some tweaks which have enhanced the speed and functionality. It's great to feel that they are continuing to pay attention to this app. We're very happy with it already, and looking forward to getting happier.

The Photo Album Shop
So lange wurde die App verwendet: 3 monate
24. August 2021

This app is wonderful. It has made creating labels and packing orders so much easier particularly when I have sales. It also by-passes the Aus Post MyPost Business website when the website is down which is a lifesaver!

ISHANI Designs
So lange wurde die App verwendet: 9 monate
17. August 2021

I saw that this app was offering a trial so I thought I would give it a try to see if it would save me time on the postage process and I am so glad I did! The live chat option that the app has is great, I had answers to all of the questions I had within minutes and Nathan was so helpful!! The postage process has been made so much easier using this app, I am now saving so much time and I no longer have to copy and paste addresses, phone numbers, emails, tracking details for each individual customer, so there is less room for errors! Thank you so much to Nathan and his team for making such a great app!!

Bunnylicious Treats
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