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3. August 2021

Absolutely recommend this app. Seamlessly integrates with our Auspost Business account. Very easy to set up and streamlines order fulfillment at every stage. Accurate selection of postage rates while being easy to modify if required, quick order & packing slip printing built in. Much better than the other app we were using. Great work!

Belter Wear
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1. August 2021

Brilliant app to run Aust Post orders with - simple, fast & flexible. The customer service team are honestly the BEST !! The benefits whether your a small, medium or large business out weight the cost in time saving alone

So lange wurde die App verwendet: 6 monate
Bearbeitet am 9. März 2022

The first version of the app was fantastic, I loved it! Then a newer version came out which I found difficult to use. The developers are great, they address and solve problems quickly. The second version is a little over complicated for my liking, but I've settled in with it and know my way around it. Now I wish it had a "hold" function, for when a customer wants me to put an order aside for weeks or even months!

Hit the Bottle polishes
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SellerDash hat geantwortet 25. August 2021

Hi, thanks for the feedback. We spent the last month making some more improvements to the order display, so the new view is much more like the previous app, along with a bunch of order improvements in app speed and features.

As for the display, we added a 'Dense' view which is like the previous app.
For changing Satchel size, an order does not have to be expanded. Just click on the Package details in the order grid, and you can change packaging information quickly.

We support many customers with different requirements, and a carrier that has many options and features.

We also have very active support via Live Chat so if you have queries it is best to ask for support and we could be happy to assist.

Kind Regards.

28. Juli 2021

Needed some help setting up the new version of this app. Nathan was extremely helpful and shared full tutorials on how to set up. Love this app, not sure how i ever lived without it!

Mama Bear
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19. Juli 2021

Really great app, very simple and easy to set up and use. Support team is also extremely helpful when i've had any queries.

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23. Juni 2021

This app is incredible! It makes the whole postage process super easy, no copy and pasting, it has all the info in one place. It sync seamlessly with Shopify so I know my customers are getting their updates. Will be recommending this app to everyone I know who has a shopify store.

Celia Gercovich
So lange wurde die App verwendet: 10 tage
20. Juni 2021

This is a fantastic app. It works very well, making life so much easier to fullfill orders and also has great customer support.

Fast Adjusters
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14. Juni 2021

A great app. 50% of my sales are international, and this helps save a lot of time. No need to manually fill in customs documentation. It also makes my domestic shipments easier & faster. The team at MyPost are super quick to address any issues, and they updates keep improving the app. I find the formatting of the invoices a little basic, and could be improved with increasing key details such as shipping address, so I still use my invoices in Shopify, but all in all I love this app.

So lange wurde die App verwendet: Etwa 2 monate
10. Juni 2021

The app integrates perfectly with MyPost, and now I can print labels and pick slips from it too. Upgrading was easy as all the information is available in-app already - everything has been thought out.
It's worth using this app solely so that you don't have to copy and paste addresses into MyPost, but it does so much more. A real productivity booster.

The Stray Whisker
So lange wurde die App verwendet: 11 monate
8. Juni 2021

Nathan helped set up my updated version of the app so quickly even made a video to help assist me. He answered all my questions so quick. The app is better now that you don't need to log into aust post then paypal then print.

Bondi Blades
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