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24 agosto 2022

It's ok but as I run a rental store, the return shipping label still needs to be generated manually inside the MyPostBusiness interface, so the time saved isn't huge. The cost really adds up when you print over 40 labels a month, which I do well over. If you can make this app more cost effective for small businesses it would be really appreciated.

Mama Rentals
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Data modifica: 20 giugno 2022

Reloads constantly loosing all the work you've entered. Not a computer issue as customer service keeps telling me. Does this on multiple browsers/devices.

Dizzy Dog Collars
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SellerDash ha risposto 24 agosto 2021

Thanks for the feedback.

We pride ourselves on a feature rich app and great support and offered to assist you with any query multiple times. Our recent feature release was in direct response to feedback we collect.

But unfortunately we can't help if you uninstall the app without giving us any chance to investigate and resolve your issue.

Best of luck in the future.