MyPost Shipping Australia Post

MyPost Shipping Australia Post


Automate MyPost labels, fulfilment & view tracking

4.9 5 顆星(12 評論)

Save time shipping orders

Quicky and easily process MyPost orders via our app compared to slow copying and pasting. Save time, headaches and money!

Easily modify shipment info

It is super easy to view and edit order label options, customer address, insurance delivery settings and more. 1 click label updates.

NO more copy and paste!

NO copying and pasting, NO CSV files to upload With a click of the mouse, automate label creation and remove mistakes.

有關 MyPost Shipping Australia Post

MyPost Business Shipping Labels for Australia Post

This app reduces the time you spend on Australia Post MyPost Business label creation and order fulfilment processes by a huge amount.

This app will allow you to manage, view pricing and generate consignments in Australia Post's MyPost Business platform individually or in bulk, all from within your Shopify admin and also view tracking information for all of your MyPost shipments.

NO CSV files, NO more copying and pasting information between systems. All consignments and pricing are visible in your Shopify store for simple use.

Try it today and see how much time it will save you.

Amazing Features

  • 1 click Label Creation in MyPost Business
  • 1 click fulfilment of your orders
  • NO copying and pasting required
  • NO uploading or downloading of CSV files
  • Tracking page to show tracking status and info for ALL MyPost orders in your account
  • See live MyPost Business pricing within Shopify admin for each order
  • Change package type or size easily - create custom packages
  • Create labels in MyPost (individually or in bulk)
  • Automatically uses your Discount Band from MyPost
  • Rate quotes automatically updated if you change order details (ie address, weights, packaging type etc)
  • Fulfils orders and adds MyPost Tracking data to orders with just a simple click
  • Supports both domestic and international consignments
  • Integrated Google Maps and Street View to assist with validation of customer addresses
  • Very simple and lightning fast user interface
  • Fast, easy filtering of orders
  • Create partial shipments of an order
  • Rules available to automatically determine the shipping service to use (ie Parcel Post or Express Post)
  • Easily correct customer addresses, phone numbers and email for the order
  • Configure defaults for all domestic and international consignment options (ie signature required, extra cover etc)
  • Easily override consignment options for any order
  • Configure default packaging options that are easily overridden on any order

Note this app does not properly support multi inventory location fulfilment.

This app is not officially endorsed by Australia Post and will remain in Beta status with them until they upgrade their APIs for better support. However they are aware that we have built it and support our efforts.


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定價 7 天免費試用

每月 $9.99

First 40 labels are free then 20c ea for the next 60, 15c ea for the next 100, 10c ea up to the $100 cap and then free

* 所有費用均以美元計收。 定期費用接按照 30 天為週期收費,包括每月收費或依據使用量收費。

4.9 5 顆星

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Formula Johnson

Great app! Works great and saves a lot of time. Would love to see the ability to print the orders or split shipments.


Excellent app and customer service. Saves us precious time when processing labels, works a treat without any fuss. Very refreshing when an app does exactly as promised. Well done team!

Blackbird and Violet

This app has enabled me to return to use MPB whose domestic rates are much preferable to my company vs contract rates. I was worried that work would be created with fufillment etc again but nope, it's all done with a single click. Easy to use & set up - very happy with the app! Would love to see a combine order function in future.