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Product, photo and customer reviews

4.8 of 5 stars(19 reviews)

Showcase Reviews in 3 Layouts

Collect product and photo reviews, showcase your customer reviews with photos in 3 different attractive layouts.

Collect reviews by auto emails

Send automatic emails to your customers to request product reviews with pictures. Import your existing reviews.

Share Product Reviews

Boost your sales with product reviews by increasing conversions and get more traffic from customer reviews shared to social media.

About MyReviewfy ‑ Product Reviews

Customer reviews are playing vital role in increasing online sales. Positive reviews can establish greater trust in business.

Showcase your customer reviews with their photos in 3 different attractive and responsive layouts. Boost your sales by sharing customer reviews in social media.

Customers can write product reviews easily in email which helps you to increase your sales significantly.

Whats New

All product reviews at one place

You can see/edit all your products reviews at one place with sorting options - Status(Published, Unpublished), Star Ratings, Creation Date.

Multiple Languages Translation(New feature)

MyReviewfy supports multiple languages. Available languages are English, French, Spanish , German, Portuguese and Italian.

Automatic email review requests

Automatic emails can be sent to users for requesting reviews. No need to send email requests manually.

Automatic Email notification

You will get email notification automatically once user writes review for your product.

Import Reviews(New feature)

Send your CSV file to import, We will help you to import your old reviews.

Display Star ratings at Product title and Product Catalog

You can display star rating at Product title and Products catalog page with provided snippet.

3 Different Layouts

MyReviewfy provides 3 different layouts, which are very attractive and fully responsive, to feel customers interesting and encouraging to write reviews very easily.

  1. Grid Layout
  2. Timeline Layout
  3. Thumbnail Layout

Photo Reviews

Customers can upload their photos with reviews to share their experience with your product.

Share in Social Media

You can share customer reviews in social media such as Facebook and Twitter so that your product reaches to millions of people.

Key Features

Responsive – Our all layouts are 100% responsive, they can fit into any device. Attractive layouts – Our layouts are very innovative and powerful. Reviews through emails – Customers can write reviews directly from their emails Social media sharing – Share customer reviews in social media. Customization – Customize your rating star color and review text color Your Company Logo – Display your company logo in emails . Product Support – Support team is available 24/7 to assist for any issues with the product.


  1. How does this free app works ? Just install our app and its done.
  2. Can i cancel my account at any time? Of course.You can cancel/uninstall any time if this app is not required.
  3. installed the app but review part didn't appear ? some stores use the customized themes, in that case you need to manually add the script tag. Please refer the installation steps in the help section of our app to add the script tag.

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Overall rating
4.8 of 5 stars
Based on 19 reviews

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Most recent reviews

Trakking Solutions

AWSOME APP! Really cheap, easy to use and effective. Support team might take a little bit to respond (2-3 days max) but they are really helpful and efficient. At least they respond not like other apps. Really recomend it!

Redneck Nation

Still pretty glitchy. Works ok and the price is great but if it does not work as advertised then I guess price does not matter. We have received emails saying there is a review that needs to be approved and published and yet when I go into the back office on shopify to look for it, It's no where to be found. So how many reviews are we loosing per day? So now I have to have someone check the email review notifications against the ones listed in the back office for the ap and if not there then have to have them manually enter in the review that the customer already submitted. This is extremely BAD being that we fight hard to get people to go out of their way to review one of our products as I am sure all of us do only to then loose it because of a glitch is just not going to work.

Hemp E

I installed this app a few days ago, and I'm really happy with it so far! Support is quick to respond, and has even customized my store by request, to make the star colors the same on my catalog page as I could set them up on my product page. It sounds like they're developing some other great options and features, and for the price, I couldn't be happier!