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16. Juli 2024

Website says it has closed permanently. This app should be removed by Shopify.

Heater and Spa Parts
Etwa 5 jahre mit der App
23. September 2015

Simplifies the integration process between Shopify and MyShopping. Great work!

Mehr als 6 jahre mit der App
Bearbeitet am 13. Februar 2017

Super simple and effective product feed solution!

The Apparel Effect
Mehr als 3 jahre mit der App
12. Mai 2020

I used this app for about serval months and got no sales form them .

When you are just giving up this app,it charged you from your cridit card,as i am not biding on any of my product ,still not have a clue how this come.

Smart Living Box
6 monate mit der App
17. März 2019

I used this app,Great app and Free,I like only Free,I would like to give 5 stars,
Thank You,

7 monate mit der App
19. März 2017

We are using MyShopping in our ecommerce store and so far we have had a good experience with it. The app only provides a limited option and development of custom feeds are required in order to utilise their platform well.

ANB Mart Online Shopping Australia -

Etwa ein jahr mit der App
7. Dezember 2019

Application looked interesting and I liked the idea, however after installing application reached out to create an account at myshopping. Only right at the end was advised that for our category - they would be charging 15% margin on every sale. I suppose if you don't have your own brand that is OK, but would say that is a very high margin for most retailers to commit to. I am giving this app 1 star as they could be doing a much better job of making pricing more transparent which would save those 'shopping' for marketing apps a heap of time and effort.

21 tage mit der App
10. Dezember 2018

It wont install...

The webpage told me:

Please copy this link [] and email it to
You can also download the data by clicking this link.

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