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Save your items by creating a wishlist and get a reminder

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Save customers desire Items

My Wishlist app provides an option to know your customer choice, approach them, share offers, and remind them to improve purchase.

Share shopping list on click

Customers can directly share their Wishlist with friends and family via Email.

Easy Customization

Easily customize add to wishlist button, Launch button & reminder email template. Also can export customer emails, get all activity reports.

Acerca de My Wishlist

Storefront activities

Customers can add products to the wishlist and they can check their best wishlist anytime using login detail. From the storefront pop-up, customers can share their wishlist with friends via email, add product my wishlist to the cart, and can purchase anytime.

Bring your Customer Back:

You can remind your customers with all wishlist items through automated email reminders to help them to purchase their favorites products.

Reminder Email:

You can send two Reminder Emails to your customers, "Wishlist Reminder Email" and "Low in Stock Reminder Email" to get your customer notified about their wishlist and product status.

Dashboard & Analytics:

"My Wishlist App" has a flexible dashboard providing you analysis and reports of app activities on your Shopify store.

  • Wishlist Analysis: You can easily check and manage total add to wishlist items by days, weekly, monthly, and yearly. Totally removed from wishlist and wishlist to cart Items of your online store analysis can also be tracked.

  • Users Analysis: You can easily track all user's list and their actions for the number of wishlists, add to cart, and removed wishlist analysis. You can also check performance activities through the graph. There are sections in User analysis to check reminder email reports, revenue, and share wishlist action of individual users.

  • Products Analysis: Products analysis and performance can be easily tracked in the My Wishlist app dashboard based on the number of products added to Wishlist, removed from the wishlist, and add to the cart.

  • Revenue Analysis: You can analyze overall revenue generated from Storefront feature and Reminder Emails (Wishlist & Low in stock Reminder) with respective product name, order Id, and email address.

Easy Customization:

Customization is very easy for the Wishlist button design, Email template design. You can make changes for the Wishlist button design, Launch button design with Color, icon, and appearance. Reminder Email template for Low in stock and Wishlist can be customized with the subject line, text body, footer, and can also set interval time for reminding your customers.

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Precio 3 días de prueba gratis


  • Save Unlimited Items in the Wishlist
  • Share Wishlist via Email
  • Get Wishlist and products Reports
  • Unlimited Reminder Emails
  • Get Revenue report

* Todos los cargos se facturan en USD. Los cargos recurrentes, incluidos los costos mensuales o los cargos basados en el uso, se facturan cada 30 días.

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