N.A.bld Production Management

N.A.bld Production Management


Pre-order and On-demand Production Management

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Set up Manufacturing

Create custom products and get quotes from quick-turn, no-minimum production partners or on-board your own production partner for free!

Pre-sell and Manage Pre-orders

Launch products with less risk and less inventory by pre-selling and producing on-demand.

Share updates automatically

Communicate production timelines and details with your supplier partners.

N.A.bld Production Management 정보

Meet N.A.bld

N.A.bld is design-to-delivery pre-sale production software for apparel and accessories brands of the future. We provide a platform for brands to upload their designs, find on-demand, quick-turn US manufacturing (or onboard their own manufacturer) to launch products sustainably and transparently with little to no inventory.

How does it work?

  1. Log in to upload product details. Don't have a design flushed out and need help? Schedule some time for a consult with our production team and get additional development services
  2. Once specs are complete, submit your product to a network of tech-enabled, no-minimum manufacturers based in the USA and get bids in 2 days!
  3. With your preferred manufacturing partner chosen, you can sample your product and then photograph and launch the product on your Shopify store for pre-sale or pre-order
  4. Once your sales start, batch orders and go into production with your manufacturing partner in 4-6 weeks using N.A.bld

Want to hold inventory? That’s also an option! Produce just-in-time with low minimums and manage production while maintaining limited inventory.

Produce in-house already?

Use N.A.bld to streamline your design and production team and manage inventory and pre-sales in one-place!

Commonly asked questions

  • Do you have to be a trained designer? Nope! Depending on your level of comfort, you may be able to use our self-service plans all by yourself no matter what your experience. If you are getting started from scratch, we recommend you sign up for a demo.
  • What if I need additional support or resources? We have dedicated support to answer your questions via email, chat, and phone. If there are any areas you need additional help, we have discounted services to fill in where you need help. Please visit nabld.com/services or contact us for details!
  • How does bidding work? Once your product tech pack is complete, you can submit your item to manufacturers for bidding by requesting a quote. Manufacturers will respond to your quote request within 2-3 business days. When you see a bid you like, you can move forward by creating a purchase order.
  • Are there any additional fees associated with the site? Beyond the subscription fees, you are responsible for paying the cost of labor for manufacturing to your production partner or supplier, the cost of materials, the cost of shipping, and for the cost of any additional services you request above and beyond those provided within your N.A.bld plan.
  • Can I use my own manufacturer or manage manufacturing in-house? Yes! Contact us to learn how you can use N.A.bld if you are producing in-house or if you’d like us to onboard your manufacturer to N.A.bld.

Got more questions, check out or sign up for a demo on our website !

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Production Plan


If opting into marketplace Nineteenth Amendment, there is a 10% fee on any sales to cover transaction costs.

  • Create products with spec sheets, find partners, get bids, pre-sell, automate BOMs and create POs with auto pre-sale capture.

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I was already on the Nineteenth Amendment platform as a designer and when they launched this app I thought I’d try it. It’s helpful so that you only input the product information one place then share it to Shopify. This app is great for streamlining.

Kaelyn Cobra

This app streamlines the process of data entry and fulfillment. It collects your sales but doesn't commit you to manufacture until you are ready, which I love because it gives me the power to run my sales on my own timeline. It also seamlessly inputs all your product info into Shopify products. Its very straight forward and easy to use! I highly recommend N.A.bld !