Nano Insurance

Nano Insurance

by GoBuddies

Improve your profitability by offering insurance

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About Nano Insurance

Nanoinsurance – Shipping Insurance Made Easy 

If you are frustrated about poor customer reviews or abandoned carts, you’re in luck. This application displays a pop-up at checkout offering to protect your customer’s shipping risk.

The pop-up integrates into your checkout and is customizable according to your colour scheme.

Installing the application is FREE!!!

In addition, you will earn a percentage in commission of all policies sold through your store!

**Installing notes**

**Merchant must accept recurring charges as the premiums generated will be collected on regular basis from the merchant.**


  • Pop-up screen gives your customer the ability to insure their shipping risk

  • Premium is automatically calculated and added to the total payable at checkout

  • User interface allows you to see how many policies you have sold and how much money you can make from the application

  • We take care of the claims and queries for lost or damaged shipments

  • Application is customizable to fit in with the design of your store

Your customers can now feel safe in making their purchase

Many customers still feel anxious about having their purchase lost or damaged during shipment.  We created Nanoinsurance specifically for the ecommerce market. It’s affordable and simple. One click adds the insurance policy, and from there, we take the risk away from you and your customers

Stop abandoned carts

Drastically improve your conversion rates. If your customers know their purchase is insured, they are less likely to click away from the checkout page.

Earn more money from your sales

Increase your sales margin by earning commission on all policies sold.

Give your customers peace of mind

Just 1% of the purchase price of each item can cover your customers risk of having their shipment lost or damaged in transit.

Easy installation

Install the app with a single click. Your customers will be prompted to purchase a policy at checkout. Easy as that!

We insure the shipment so you can focus on what you do best

Rather than risking a bad review, we take care of the shipping insurance, and claims, so you don’t have to deal with customers complaints. 

What happens when they purchase a policy?

Once they’ve paid for the purchase, your customer will receive an email with a certificate of insurance. If they need to make a claim, they simply click on a link in the email, and answer a few simple questions. We will then purchase the same item from your store and ship it to them again.

Who is Nanoinsurance?

We are a fully capitalised and licensed insurer designed specifically for the ecommerce industry. Our vision is to grow ecommerce by providing customers and merchants confidence in shipping 

Need help? Have questions?

If you need any help with the app setup or customization, don't hesitate to e-mail us.

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Free to install

Premiums generated will be collected on regular basis (sum of sold insurance policies).

Overall rating
3.0 of 5 stars
Based on 4 reviews

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Most recent reviews


Great idea for an App. Found it easy to install and have already soon a boost in conversion rate in our store which has jumped from 2.5% to 4% which I attribute to the boost in confidence in delivery. We have seen a 70% uptake in people using the protection so really happy with that. Well done Nano!


The app apparently has hidden "in-app" charges which MUST be accepted before use and seems glitchy as the UI displaces elements on the page. I'll be looking elsewhere to add that extra trust factor that my new store needs to improve conversions! 1 star.

Buba & La

Not very user friendly, frustrating to work with :( :( .............................................