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Bearbeitet am 9. November 2022

Update 11/9/22: Trying unsuccessfully to use this by having one variant of a product be a subscription, and another variant not. It's never worked properly. Still experiencing the problem of our time zones and having to wait 24 hours for a response, only to send a reply and wait another 24 hours. This exact issue is also a problem for another Shopify store I have, and when trying to fix that issue their team couldn't figure out how to get in as a collaborator to give support. After their "fix" a couple of days ago, all looked good on the front end (finally), but when customers started buying the subscription it took their orders but failed to create a subscription plan for them nor retain their payment info. So now I have to track them all down and figure out some kind of workaround. And this is all on the paid version of this app. Update: Cautiously raising my review to 4 after support has finally actually read my detailed issue carefully and fixed the malfunctioning code. When this app works, it is exactly what I need, especially because it is one of the only subscription apps that allows the customer to check out natively within Shopify. I am crossing my fingers it continues to work from now on, and in a couple of months if things have remained issue free I will update to 5 stars. Previous: This app is having a major code glitch through a huge subscription product launch. Support doesn't read my notes carefully and sends responses that don't address the issue. The time difference means waiting 24 hours for a ticket response. The offer of a support call only offers me appointments in the dead middle of the night for my time zone. I am beyond frustrated, and wasting hours of my (and staff) time for the last two days of this launch because we have to babysit the plan, which keeps changing its own settings everytime it is purchased, causing it to malfunction.

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