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2024년 3월 26일

I thought it would be a good idea to install this app, and my first few chats with them were great. I felt like I was in great hands and that we'll be happy with this product.

Then the implementation started, and everything went south. An expert from Navidium will implement it for you. What they don't tell you is that they'll create a product for the shipping protection. In our case, they didn't disable the Google and Facebook sales channels for that product. Which means we were paying for Google Ads for that "product". Plus, they created hundreds of variants, even though we only wanted one price for the shipping protection. So, all of our reporting blew up completely. Product bulk editing is also a pain due to all the Navidium product variants. Any kind of feed or reporting had to be cleaned up. We started listing the product also on a marketplace that pulls a feed of all our products. Complete disaster.

No one contacted us after the implementation to check if we were happy, so we didn't start using the product.

Pokecard Store
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답글 Ecom Propeller 개 2024년 4월 3일

Hi there,

My name is Marc, and I am one of the co-founders of Navidium. First off, I want to apologize for any misunderstandings, frustrations, and of course disruptions the onboarding caused. It is never a good thing to see merchants struggle, and our team is ready and happy to make any issue right as fast as possible.

I'd like to address the concerns in the review to help shed light on it as best as I can.

Why we create a product with variants:

Shopify is a closed system, and in order to add a "surcharge" for the VIP protection service you are left with essentially adding a line item to the cart. There is rumors that shopify will soon be adding a "additional fee" API, but that rumor has been around for nearly a decade so best I can say is fingers crossed, when it arrives we will be the first to jump on it. But right now, every app of this type, from insurance, warranty, additional product options, etc all are stuck using "product line items" which does sadly pose a few downsides with reporting, feeds, etc.

We do generally do a good job hiding it, and have some videos in our app backend to show you how to hide it from some channels. This particular case (marketplaces) hasn't come up before, but now that I've seen this review, I'll make sure a video is added so that your experience can be a lesson learned for others.

Fortunately, it is often as easy as unchecking the sales channels, and excluding it from feeds, so just a tiny bit of work over-all and this issue essentially goes away. But, I recognize that we can do a better job communicating this going forward, and will do so!

2) Why do we have so many variants?

The short answer is dynamic pricing. Most merchants want to be able to charge a different amount depending on the order value. We use a % based system, and the variants allow for that to happen. It is by default set to a max of 1 product with 100 variants. However, our team has tools in place on our end to adjust those, add more or less, and can essentially resolve this when we are made aware of it.

The thinking is that a customer ordering $50 of items vs, $300 should not be paying the same amount for protection. Our dynamic settings allows for this to happen, and finds the closest available variant to use.

Again, this is something most similar apps employ in one form or another. I will look into finding ways to make this clearer, and our merchants who take demo's before installing are always shown this. The app listing on shopify is not very large, so it certainly poses a little challenge on how in-depth on the technical level we can get.

Why is all sales channels default on?

We sadly have to do this. We've tried it a few different ways in the past, and it turns out Shopify's API for creating products does not allow for selected sales channels to be enabled when you create a product. Since we MUST have the sales online channel enabled, it is either all or nothing. We tested having it all defaulted off, but it ended up causing a ton of trouble for merchants and reverted back to enable all.

But as mentioned earlier, communication is key, and so this will certainly be something we improve on.

My team and I are here to help resolve any issues. I've reached out personally to you, but you are welcome to email me directly any time at marc at ecompropeller.com and I'll ensure our team gets you up and running personally, as smoothly as possible.

Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback, it means the world, and gives us a chance to look at ways we can improve our product and service!

- Marc H
Co Founder | Navidium App

2023년 11월 11일

So far, I'm not impressed. They installed the app and code into our website and since then the app is extremely slow to load, the setting reset so once you place the amount of money you want to charge the customer for insurance, the data is erased the next day and the learn more button isn't visible. I find that to be the most concerning as I saw another shopify store complain about this last year! The support team has yet to get back to me on any of my concerns.

Adept Cosmetics®
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답글 Ecom Propeller 개 2023년 11월 12일

Thank you for sharing your feedback and experience. I'm Marc one of the co-founders of Navidium App. I took a look at all the past communication over the last few days, as well as tested the app and functionality on your site myself as well.

Looks like we got everything sorted out for you yesterday, and on my testing I discovered another bug that we just sorted out for you as well.

The widget loading speed seems to be quite quick right now (thankfully!) And all the settings seem to be saving properly.

My hunch (we still investigating) for why it wasn't initially saving might have to do with the auto install being done originally and not being fully done when we switched it to manual install. But regardless looks like now everything is working properly.

The nature of this app is that it is a bit of a complex process, and since it has to play with so many other apps, themes, and carts, the risk is that sometimes bugs show up that we either haven't solved in past, or have never encountered before. Our team aims to resolve these usually within the first few days of onboarding (which is why we always offer 7 day free trial) so that we know our merchants are heading off to the races with the most stable set up.

Should you have any other hickups going forward, please feel free to reach out to our support team or to me personally at Marc@navidiumapp.com and I'll do everything I can to help support you!


Marc H
Co founder / Navidium app

2023년 4월 5일

I expect that sometimes an app may have glitches but I’ve been battling these glitches since Nov 16. I’ve had to delete the app twice now due to lost sales for these reasons.

1. Toggle button is on at cart page but item & charge is removed when you get to checkout.
2. Doesn’t charge correct % on order total. For example if you have 2%, when a customer orders $100 worth of an item it charges $2.25 not $2.
3. Doesn’t charge the correct amount if you choose static rate. A customer got charged $3 for a $15 item when it should have been $1.
4. The static rate may not work upon initial installation and you have to reach out.
5. When toggling off the insurance on cart page the text doesn’t change to the “opt out” information.
6. The Learn More link is also not displaying on the cart page.

Menagerie Cosmetics
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답글 Ecom Propeller 개 2023년 4월 13일

Hi there,

I'm one of the co founders of Navidium,and wanted to hop on and apologize for any glitches or difficulties you had with our app.

1-5 are all issues that usually occur when the core product in Shopify is changed or have their variants changed oj Shopify end. While we also wish we could have an exact match %, the reality is that no one is able to do that properly due in large to shopify's limitation of 100 variants per product. Our % rounds up to the next available variant,but we do have quite a lot of customizable options we can do on our backend to help get you as close as you need.

As for the static, again, most likely the issue was related to variants being changed after the install.

All in all, we have 1000s of merchants using Navidium, and I'm confident we can get this working for you properly. If you'd like to reach out directly to me you can do so at marc@navidiumapp.com and I'll happily personally oversee your set up to make sure you are 100% satisfied and it has zero glitches.

I'm so sorry your experience didn't live up to our reputation and standards. I'd love the chance to correct this for you!


Co founder Navidiumapp

2023년 1월 30일에 편집됨

We were originally a customer with Route, Navidium contacted us so we decided to give it a go. I gave them access to my Shopify storefront. They installed their app and we were good to go. A week later I realized some issues were happening due to the changes they made during installation to my coding. First of all the insurance was added to the cart during checkout but the customer was not able to opt out if they didn’t want it. Second of all, the product pricing for each product in the entire store changed to the same price as the total of the cart if that person added a product to their cart.

For example, if the customer added a $10 item to their shopping cart. If they went back to browse my storefront, all the items in my entire shop will show up as $10.

I don’t know what they did to my storefront when I gave them access to it. But I tried emailing Chandler my account rep and I didn’t get a response. I also emailed them through the contact us form at the bottom of this page 5 days ago and so far no response for anyone. They have no phone number on their website to call if anything goes wrong. It’s been a HORRIBLE experience.

I had to go back and restore the backup of the website prior to giving them access to install the app. I’ve reinstalled Route protection since then.

All around HORRIBLE experience for me.

Bag Religion
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답글 Ecom Propeller 개 2023년 1월 30일

I'm so sorry for any confusion or issues our app may have caused in the initial set up. Our team generally does the best they can to make sure all stores experience dedicated support.

I've done a little digging and I'm concerned that perhaps we weren't getting the support messages. We don't have any staff member named Chandler working at our company :(

Is it perhaps possible the wrong company was emailed? We'd love to sort this out for you and would be happy to do this on a duplicate theme, and make sure everything is 1000% working properly before trying to go live again.

Also please note, we have live chat support in the app backend which is monitored daily for most hours, and our team tries to be super responsive too.

I hope we get a chance to make this right, and give you the proper Navidium experience we've become quite well known for.


Marc H
Co Founder - Navidium