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Bewerkt 30 januari 2023

We were originally a customer with Route, Navidium contacted us so we decided to give it a go. I gave them access to my Shopify storefront. They installed their app and we were good to go. A week later I realized some issues were happening due to the changes they made during installation to my coding. First of all the insurance was added to the cart during checkout but the customer was not able to opt out if they didn’t want it. Second of all, the product pricing for each product in the entire store changed to the same price as the total of the cart if that person added a product to their cart.

For example, if the customer added a $10 item to their shopping cart. If they went back to browse my storefront, all the items in my entire shop will show up as $10.

I don’t know what they did to my storefront when I gave them access to it. But I tried emailing Chandler my account rep and I didn’t get a response. I also emailed them through the contact us form at the bottom of this page 5 days ago and so far no response for anyone. They have no phone number on their website to call if anything goes wrong. It’s been a HORRIBLE experience.

I had to go back and restore the backup of the website prior to giving them access to install the app. I’ve reinstalled Route protection since then.

All around HORRIBLE experience for me.

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Ecom Propeller heeft geantwoord 30 januari 2023

I'm so sorry for any confusion or issues our app may have caused in the initial set up. Our team generally does the best they can to make sure all stores experience dedicated support.

I've done a little digging and I'm concerned that perhaps we weren't getting the support messages. We don't have any staff member named Chandler working at our company :(

Is it perhaps possible the wrong company was emailed? We'd love to sort this out for you and would be happy to do this on a duplicate theme, and make sure everything is 1000% working properly before trying to go live again.

Also please note, we have live chat support in the app backend which is monitored daily for most hours, and our team tries to be super responsive too.

I hope we get a chance to make this right, and give you the proper Navidium experience we've become quite well known for.


Marc H
Co Founder - Navidium