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Developed by NeatShift

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  • Extends Shopify's built in reporting with useful information
  • See the number of views for each of your products
  • See the number of add to carts for each of your products

Are you showing the right products to your users? NeatTracker is a simple reporting tool that shows you the products your visitors are viewing and adding to their carts.

Get started in seconds

With NeatTracker, there's no need to learn complicated analytics interfaces to get the information you want. NeatTracker gives you a simple, one page dashboard that displays your products, their views, and add-to-carts.

There's no setup. Just click "Get" to install and NeatTracker will automatically add tracking to your site. Your visitor's activity will start showing up in seconds!

Complete free

NeatTracker is complete free to use!

How it works

NeatTracker displays a breakdown of your products, how often they're viewed and how often they are added to a cart. Check out the screenshots to the right to see what the interface looks like. Use this information to

  • Gain more visibility into how your visitors are behaving.

  • Find your most popular products.

  • Feature the right products on your homepage.

First class support

You can always email us with questions, comments and feedback. We are happy to help with any questions you might have!

NeatTracker reviews

33 reviews
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this is seriously what shopify standard analytics has been missing. what's the point in knowing you've got adds to cart without knowing which products to further invest in? THIS SOLVES THAT PROBLEM COMPLETELY!


Perfect tracking on visitors behaviour and what been added to the cart. And its free!


I give NT a high 5. I love knowing what products on my store consumers are interested in. I also love to see what products are being added to shopping carts. Very, very useful app.


Super simple, tells me exactly what I need to know in a basic interface.


great stats to see how many clicks each product gets viewed, added to cart. thanks! https://betterhomes.shop


This is a "Neat" little app to find out what people are looking at on your Shopify site and gives you abondoned cart info too! I really like this app because at a glance you see what has been going on, fast.


Glorious app! Not a day goes by, without checking out the results. Useful to keep track of what products are doing well and not. Total MUST GET for all store owners.


This app is great for testing a bunch of products at once and being able to see pretty easily what your visitors are responding to. They even let you export a CSV you can review to decide what to hide, promote, or up-sell based on their behavior.


Shows me what I need to know. Great app - AfricanSAttire.com


Extremely useful app for ALL shop owners!!


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