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Negotio ‑ Make Your Offer Now

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Engage & Sell More with Negotio-The Ultimate Sales Closing App

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9 reviews


I changed to this app from the competition Make an Offer whom I have been with for years. I did not want to leave by I was losing sales because of the system .This automation is very good and sales have increased. However, I have a large catalog of one-of-a-king items and I need to be able to disable the offer option on particular items so that they never haver an offer option no matter what collection (s) they live in. I achieved that with Make an Offer by using a SKU that flagged that item so that I could internally delete the make an offer button. I contacted support regarding this issue and was given an irrelevant answer and no help. I went into detail explaining the problem and never got a reply. So here I am, making more sales on one hand, but having to give discounts on items that I don't want to on the other hand so I am making and losing money. Guess I am on my own, take it or leave it. I am now deciding if I want to dump this app, checking numbers and will decide if I want to go back to Make An Offer. They actually reached out and wanted to know why I left and are working to fix their issues. I actually mattered to them.

Just Stuff I Sell

The good:
Best value by far relative to what is available in a plug and play model. As a retailer, it is hard to give up a percentage of gross sales when what you get is net after 1% is reasonable. Nice dashboard and easy install with great support. Very flexible on where you want the app installed and not installed.

See it in action here: (unless I am running a sale or sending out a discount code with expiration date)

The bad - and the reason for the one star ding:
1) No way except manually for the best offer button to not show up when you run a sale where the discounted price is equal to or less than the lowest price you allow in the app.
2) No way to disable discount codes in the shopping cart you might send out for marketing so if you send out a 15% off code and they come in and negotiate your lowest price - say 20% off on a make offer, they will end up taking 35% off after again, you have to manually turn off the app if you do any marketing that uses discount codes.

Outside of that - it is a GREAT APP that just needs some fine tuning to be a perfect app.

I did pass on these notes to the developer and hopefully in the future they'll roll something like that out.


Edge of Space

It was very simple to install and setup and yet powerful in helping close deals!
As we are a company that has a wide range of price points in our products, the Negotio has been extremely helpful in closing deals on our higher end space adventure products. Our customers love the "Make your offer" option, and it really has helped increase our sales, as well as our reputation on being innovative, being a space company of rocket scientists :)
We highly recommend using Negotio on any Shopify site!

True African Art

It's the simplest and oldest idea - made modern with a computer app. Combine that with a team of customer service that makes sure to customize the app 100% correctly the first time, makes this a powerful app to overcome.

There is a hitch: It seems as though someone could keep refusing offers until they find the lowest amount you put in settings. It's not a way to cheat the system, but it does allow someone the ability to always get the lowest price, which is part of the purpose of the app.

I was confused at first with the percentage formula in Collections. I think merchants think in 30% off. If you could make it percentage off instead of how much of a percentage you want to sell it for (?) it would be easier to compute.

Finally, I would say if you could get the offer time down to 10 seconds I think that would be pretty impressive. If you are doing a visual cue for 20 seconds I guess the anticipation does arise, so maybe 15 seconds.

Overall though I am impressed with the marketing of the app, the support, and its simple purpose. Great job Negotio - keep adding features!

SCB Marketplace

This app is amazing. If you don't have this app installed then clearly you're not inerested in making money :) This app offers you great flexibilty with pricing your items individually or with rules on collections for a bulk fix. The team is also great at responding to all my questions/suggetions and are constantly making great improvements to this app. Best app I've used on Shopify in my 3 years of using it.

Mac City Australia

This app really helped my store with more sales by giving my customers an option to make an offer. Brian and his team were absolutely excellent with helping me along the way and cant wait to work more with them. Keep it up guys!


Just an incredible feature. Luke supported me at 1:25am in his time. Great to try and cleanly designed app. I just started using and loving it.

Toni's Fashions

I never write reviews but I feel compelled to do so concerning this app. On the 4th of July, I installed this app on, a site I am building for my wife. I was having an issue and went to their site i clicked their chat app and assumed someone would get back to me after a day or 2. No sooner did i leave their site but i got an email from the CEO wow ! He in turn got in touch with his CTO again on the 4th of July. His CTO after listening to what i needed, worked out a custom solution in his coding for me and my site. I can not say enough about the team this company has.

Sincerely Joseph Calhoun


This app was easy to install on my site, and when I had a question their customer service was prompt. It also was easy for my customers to use.