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23 januari 2023

You can create a campaign but you can not stop the campaign very confusing messy it's easier just to use TikTok ad manager

5 dagar användning av appen
NestScale svarade 26 januari 2023

[Updated due to our latest app version]
I am Chloe from NestScale support team. First of all, we apologize for the inconvenience you have met while using the app. We take all customer complaints very seriously and I am already looking into this situation. We also sent you emails and personal messages as soon as we can.
By the way, we have a dedicated customer support team here ready to help you in any way we can. In the future, you can contact us directly for a quicker response and resolution.

P/s: We have recently published the newest version of the NestAds app, which allows you to activate/deactivate your campaigns/ad groups/ads, among many other fantastic features that you may find useful. Please have a look and let me know what you think!


21 mars 2023

be careful if you gave full access to your tiktok acount you will lose it, i already reported that to tiktok be careful guys

Ungefär 2 timmar användning av appen
NestScale svarade 29 mars 2023


I'm Chloe and I work for NestScale's support team. We want to apologize for any trouble we might have caused you. Our company has a privacy policy that can be found at https://nestscale.com/privacy-policies. This document explains how we collect, handle, and reveal personal information when people use our app. By downloading our app, you have agreed to these terms.

As for the data we access, we only obtain the necessary information to run campaigns and Pixels for TikTok Ads. This allows NestAds and TikTok Ads Manager to stay in sync. We don't take any personal data for illegal or financial reasons.

We have never received any support requests from you. We have tried to reach you through different methods, including email, but haven't gotten any response. We want to make sure you understand the situation, so please let us know if we can help in any way.

Best regards,