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18. februar 2016

First, Let me tell you, I started with the list of apps for shipping, at the top...You figure the names from the top down are the best, in order. PFFF, not true. I tried the big name first (won't mention it) but had problems sending to UK. They said it was DHL's problem on accepting a label to be paid for? Well, I imagine they were telling the truth and their service rep person was as helpful as possible (I'll give them that). But in the end, the only thing that is gonna make my life easier is to get the ...amn package sent to my customer.
This is where NET PARCEL came in!!!
These bad ass bastards rock!!
Not only did I get my shipping label printed, dropped off to DHL and the package got to my customer in 2+ days, from Seattle to some hinterland of the U.K. But here's where these guys are crazy want to please me, the customer...Get this, I had put my credit card to buy the label, but they didn't even collect till two weeks after. I handn't realized I hadn't paid, but they (at the time) just wanted to make sure my label was printed and I was taken care of (bit of a risk on their part, I could have stiffed them?). Anyways, I use these guys now for domestic and international service and will ONLY use them. They have my back and I know they want to succeed and this is how you prove that. Getting me a label and having a label that a big shipper like DHL, will definitely accept AND getting it to my customer, are the only things that matter! Sure, great customer service, in dealing with label, printing, buying issues, is important; but getting MY customers served is EVERYTHING!
You can use someone else, but these guys will cut their own ....sack off to make sure you get taken care of. Frankly I have not seen customer service like this, since the early 80's, Americana, when I dealt with businesses that did truly care about my happiness.
Net Parcels rules on shoplify! Use someone else at your own risk. If you have any questions about shipping, you can contact me personally,
I just want people to know I am real and a real company and I'm willing to back up NetParcel, anywhere, anytime.

Strong Theory Systems
Næsten 5 år bruger appen
1. februar 2017

Easy to use, better rates for various shipping couriers. Helps save our business time and money.

Omniview Tech
Næsten 5 år bruger appen
21. juli 2022

Very practical. Prompt client service. Install in a breeze. Prices are very competitive and choice of carriers is great.

Baked2GO Gluten Free
Mere end 4 år bruger appen
netParcel svarede 25. juli 2022

Thank you for your review! We love seeing that our prices and carrier mix are helpful to your business. We look forward to being a continued partner in BAKED2GO's growth!

12. november 2019

First time using netParcel, and we found they do provide with competitive rate so we decided to give it a try. Very successful experience, we save a lot on International shipping.
We will definitely use netParcel again for future shipment.

Mere end 4 år bruger appen
27. oktober 2015

We at FARTECH flip clocks love netParcel for two reasons. We love their competitive shipping rates, and the great integration with Shopify. Thanks!

Fartech Flip Clocks
Mere end 4 år bruger appen
18. september 2018

Great way to simplify Logistics, all in one location, Create the shipping labels, Customs Docs and Track the progress all while updating Shopify Orders automatically. Can be used stand alone (back end only), or integrated - interactively with Shopify allowing customers to their see their rates for various transport services. Good prices for transport and eliminate pick up charges too. Try it!

Noggin Oil
Mere end 4 år bruger appen
8. maj 2019

Customer support is Top Notch! In world of APPs Customer Service is the biggest source of failure. nerParcel gets the job done and gets it done efficiently.

Keep up the great work and keep raising the bar for performance!

Thank you!

White Lion Athletics
Cirka 4 år bruger appen
25. april 2019

I use this app to ship my parcels, ready convenient. You can pull an order number directly from your store and it will pull customer's info and shipping address too. The best part they help me save money on shipments, especially international.

Factory Auto Parts
Cirka 4 år bruger appen
Redigeret 2. juli 2021

My 2021 update is that netParcel continues to be an integral part of our business. Their excellent rates and ease to do business has helped us tremendously.

Cirka 4 år bruger appen
28. februar 2018

this app is the biggest find for us in 2017, we were paying $159 per express package and now we are paying money $75 on average.

Symton Black Soldier Fly
Cirka 4 år bruger appen