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NetSuite, Quickbooks, Amazon, eBay Connector

NetSuite, Quickbooks, Amazon, eBay Connector

Developed by Webbee eSolutions Pvt Ltd.

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  • Automates entire process.
  • Integration of Merchant Data (NetSuite) into Shopify format.
  • Control over all aspects of business, such as Product Management, Inventory, Shipping, Orders and Tracking, etc.

With WebBee Global, you can rest your worries about integration and its many issues aside forever. WebBee has the technology expertise that is specifically targeted to provide expert solutions in the area of integrated applications and solutions. We use a customer centric approach when it comes to NetSuite integration with Shopify. Our platform is fully tailored to suit customer needs and their requirements. Our experts bring the best of both these platforms and create a virtual platform that appears to be a single avenue from the user’s point of view.


We start our assessment to understand customer’s needs.


  • Assuming you have the basic inclination to create your e-commerce web portal with diversified Shopify applications which can be further integrated with NetSuite to mutually import and export core data and simultaneously manage functionalities on both the platforms.

  • If required, our expert teams will aim to enhance its possibilities by optimally implying new and latest Shopify applications.

  • After which, both applications are strategically aligned and synced with mutually complementing platforms. This takes away your fear or duplicating or replicating entries.

  • Some applications are essential while other come with limited functional advantages. Since you get to choose, you can be highly selective as in what is required and what applications really make sense for your business.

  • Once your website is enriched with Shopify applications, we shall create the framework to integrate your shopping portal with NetSuite to import its amazing features, mostly e-commerce processes like ERP and CRM solutions.

  • Though, two programs run in the back-end, yet tasks like invoicing, payments, orders, inventory are all smooth and error free. All you need to ensure is that you are getting the best resources to integrate these core platforms and making occasional manual interventions to take care of the changes in the inventory management processes.

  • Once it gets going, everything runs on automation and you can review the performance as and when you like.





Some of our Features Include-


Catalogue Management:


  • Create new product in NS and connector will list those products on Shopify store.

  • Update/ Modify product details i.e. price, description, name for products already created in NS and connector will sync these changes to Shopify.

  • Option to enable/ disable which product’s inventory to sync and which not

  • Supports multiple NS item types including simple, matrix and kit items


Inventory Management


  • Connector will manage inbound and outbound inventory in NS and Shopify store simultaneously after sales order receipt, sales order cancellation, or after addition of physical inventory.

  • if sales order is cancelled fully or partially, update stock level accordingly


Sales Order Management


  • Connector will import sales order (product name, quantity, delivery date, pickup date, shipping address, billing address etc.) from Shopify into NS

  • Import customer details like name, phone no and other custom information which are captured to NetSuite

  • Connector identifies repeat customers.

  • Connector will sync back shipment tracking details like consignment no, expected delivery time etc. from NS into Shopify after an item is marked shipped in NetSuite with required details.


Apart from getting an undivided attention of our team for your project, our connector is highly customizable with value added features and easy to use interface for first time users of NetSuite as well as Shopify. Using WebBee Global for your integration of NetSuite & Shopify will provide you the following:

  • Custom made application as per your requirements

  • Cost-effective option

  • Easy to use interface

  • Smooth functioning of all processes

  • Automated upgrades

  • Performance reports for review

  • Dedicated team for support

  • Value Added Features


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