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NetSuite, Quickbooks, Amazon, eBay Connector

NetSuite, Quickbooks, Amazon, eBay Connector

Developed by WebBee eSolutions Pvt Ltd.

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  • Automates entire process.
  • Integration of Merchant Data (NetSuite) into Shopify format.
  • Control over all aspects of business, such as Product Management, Inventory, Shipping, Orders and Tracking, etc.

NetSuite and Shopify are defined by their respective features and the relevance of a connector is evident in bringing the best of both these platforms and creating a virtual platform that appears to be a single avenue from the user’s point of view. Such an advanced and sophisticated process is possible with cloud based systems and processes which can be easily connected with smart integration techniques. As a business that heavily depends on online shopping applications, you can get your website’s assessment done to check for its compatibility with NetSuite, technically you must have the basic inclination to create your e-commerce web portal with diversified Shopify applications which can be further integrated with NetSuite to mutually import and export core data and simultaneously manage functionalities on both the platforms. You don’t have to be concerned about the duplicate functions because they are neither replicated nor republished separately, instead it’s a parallel process that is possible only when the applications are strategically aligned and synced with mutually complementing platforms.

You will find the difference of being supported by two different dynamic technology centers and everything is automated. Typically it works like pre-programmed software with adequate intelligence to respond to various situations which are familiar to any e-commerce scenario. Processes like invoice creation, billing and shipping orders are done in a very smooth fashioned way. All you need to ensure is that you are getting the best resources to integrate these core platforms and making occasional manual interventions to take care of the changes in the inventory management processes. Once you set the process going, assume that everything is automated and you have the provision to raise and review performance reports at your convenience.

You would require a service account to enable these essential features. Cost of this App is $ 1000 for set up and a monthly subscription fee of $200 will be applicable. It is ‘pay as you go’ model of subscription.

WebBee has the technology expertise that is specifically targeted to provide expert solutions in the area of integrated applications and solutions. Your website will be thoroughly reviewed to enhance its possibilities by optimally implying new and latest Shopify applications. Some are essential and some other applications are with limited functional advantages, since you get to choose, you can be highly selective as in what is required and what applications really make sense for your business. Once your website is enriched with Shopify applications, we shall create the framework to integrate your shopping portal with NetSuite to import its amazing features, mostly e-commerce processes like ERP and CRM solutions.

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From $200.00 / month
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