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Ware2Go's NetworkVu

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Build Smarter & faster fulfillment. A free digital analysis

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Free Fulfillment Analysis

Connect your Shopify cart to NetworkVu for a free analysis of your current fulfillment network performance.

Ready in Minutes

Bypass pricey consultant services. Get immediate insights to drive decisions towards improving performance of your fulfillment network.

Improve Speed & Reduce Costs

Review multiple fulfillment network recommendations comparing delivery speed to cost impacts and optimize your business growth.

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What is NetworkVu:

Ware2Go’s NetworkVu makes building a right-sized fulfillment network possible for businesses of all sizes. Using your client order history, seasonal demand patterns and business growth projections, we can recommend best fit options for fulfillment distribution that strikes a balance between your customer needs and your operational workflows.


  1. Intuitive Integration: Connect and pull data directly from your Shopify shopping cart.
  2. Current State Diagnostics: Receive a customized assessment of your current fulfillment network based on your Shopify shopping cart data covering order composition, average time in transit, shipping costs, and more on a national and state-specific basis.
  3. Full Scope Comparisons: View multiple scenarios for warehouse placements and inventory distribution including cost estimates and time in transit speeds.
  4. Actionable Insights: Learn how to serve your best customers with faster fulfillment while controlling your cost to serve.

Free Data Study

NetworkVu is a self-service and free data analysis tool. Ware2Go saw the need for sellers of all sizes to gain a more detailed understanding of how to build a fulfillment network that controls costs while serving high performing markets with faster shipping. Without the need for supply chain analysts, data scientists, or a one-on-one consultation, NetworkVu gives you a complete fulfillment network analysis in minutes.

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