New Arrivals

New Arrivals

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Auto products tagger/untagger

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Over New Arrivals

New arrivals products tagger

The app is simple and does what it says.

New products are being tagged with a configured tag for a configured period of time. And then untagged. Automatically. That's it.

Do I need it?

If you ever tried to manage a new arrivals collection manually then you probably know that it may involve a decent amount of work and time to do that.

This app is perfect for you if you:

  • want to create an automated collection listing your new arrivals
  • have a large number of products coming in often and you want to gather them in a single collection
  • already have a new arrivals collection but spending too much time to manage its products
  • create a filter tag for existing collections to show only new products
  • want to automate as many things as you can and reduce the human factor

The app will take this hassle from you and will do that work for you automatically. It is well-tested, reliable and easy to configure.

How does it work?

You can set up any tag that will be added to your products on creation or publishing if you choose a published-based option. You can also set up any period while the products to keep the configured tag. After that period the app will remove that tag automatically.

If you want to change the tag or period, no worries at all. We keep tracking on what products were tagged with what tag and when. Just change to the desired configuration and save it. The app will go through all the tagged products and will untag them if a new period is less than it was before. It will change the tag if the new period intersects with the old one. And will tag older products if the new period is greater than it was before.

Disabling the widget within the app is a reliable way to stop the app working without uninstalling it. When you click Disable button the app will stop tagging/untagging products. It will interrupt any processes related to your store even if it was in the middle of something and will remove the webhooks set up. If you feel that app does something wrong just disable it and contact us via the support email listed and we'll do the best to help you.

To untag all the products the app has already tagged just set up period value to be 0 and make sure the widget is enabled. It will untag all the products tagged so far. Just leave it for a minute and it will do its job.



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