New Arrivals management made easy

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New Arrivals always updated

Newr will take care of your store's new arrivals collection and automatically add/remove products according to your preferences.

Avoid time consuming tasks

Eliminate the repetitive task of managing a new arrivals collection. Your customers will always find the latest products easily.

Set and forget

Setting up the app is easy and seamless. Once it's done the app will immediately start populating your new arrivals collection.

关于 Newr

Newr is an app that automatically creates and manages the new arrivals collection of your store. After a quick set up the app will immediately scan all your products and, if they meet your criteria, add them to a collection of your choice.

How it works

  1. Choose for how many days a product will be considered new counting from the published date;
  2. Choose the name of your collection;
  3. (Optional) Include products that are back in stock;
  4. Enable the app.

Done. Newr will start scanning your products and will add them to the collection chosen. If a product is no longer considered new it will be automatically removed from the collection. Newr will also remove the product if it goes out of stock.

Set and forget

You only need to enable the app once and it will keep you new arrivals collection updated and in sync until you disabled it or uninstall it.

Keep track of what's happening

Newr provides a list of every single action performed so you can keep track of which products have been added or removed.

Your time is valuable. Use it wisely.

Manually adding or removing products from a collection is a tedious and time consuming task. By automating this process you can free up your time to work on your business.



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  • 100 product updates per month
  • 100% free



  • 1000 product updates per month



  • 10000 product updates per month



  • Unlimited updates

* 所有费用均以USD结算。
** 经常性费用(包括每月费用或基于使用情况的费用)每 30 天收取一次。

4.1 评分


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Great app with excellent features. Very helpful customer service team. Got my issues resolved quickly.

Culinary Arts Supplies Online Australia

Fully automated a super annoying and time consuming task for us. Delivers as promised. Very happy with it.


Started to use this app on 22 Feb. and found on 1st Mar. that all the collection created by this app is cleared out because 30 days are over. From 22 Feb to 1st Mar is SURELY OVER 30 DAYS. RIGHT EH? -------------- Ooooooohhh... 7 days range... Sorry mate I never realized that.. I would like to express my apology and would like to continue to use your app again.



Hi there.

The amount of time the products remain as new is actually a configuration option. It's not set to a fixed 30 days.

After reviewing your settings in our database we can see that the "Range" option was set to 7 days, hence the behaviour you experienced.

Feel free to contact us directly in case you have any more questions.