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Ready-Made Newsletters. Automated Email Marketing.

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Ready-Made Emails

Send beautiful emails with a single click.

Engaging Newsletters

Publish weekly or daily newsletters without writing.

Soaring Sales

Boost sales by offering coupons and deals.

Over Newsletter Monster

Newsletter is a must-have for online stores because it turns leads into customers and keeps them coming back for more.

There are three reasons why you should add Newsletter Monster app to your store. With newsletter monster:

  1. You can start sending newsletter emails in just a few minutes.
  2. You can engage customers with monthly, weekly or even daily newsletters throughout the year effortlessly.
  3. You may get more clicks and convert more orders.

Holiday Newsletters

Greet your subscribers with the right messages at the right time for over 100 holidays. Boost sales further by including holiday discounts with the mails with several clicks.

Monthly/Weekly Deals

Apply irresistible discounts to certain products and keep subscribers posted on special offers on a monthly or daily basis.

Monthly/Weekly New Arrivals

Customers are always eager to know your new items. You can easily satisfy them using this fully automated new arrivals newsletter.

Monthly/Weekly Bestsellers

Recommend the bestselling products to your customers regularly so you may sell bestsellers even more effortlessly.

Daily Jokes

Make your customers laugh and make them buy! Everyday we will send a hand-picked joke to your subscribers so your brand wills stay in their mind.

Daily Quotes

Inspire your customers to buy with motivational quotes everyday! With hundreds of stunning photos and inspirational quote, you can always feed subscribers with unique and engaging emails.

Customized & Automated

For all newsletters, Newsletter Monster automatically creates emails fully customized for your store with the following attributes.

  • Store title
  • Products
  • Social medias
  • Reply-to email address
  • Support email address
  • Business address

For newsletters except holiday newsletter, you may further customize the emails by choosing your own color and images.

Advanced Discount Coupons

For monthly or weekly newsletters, you may include a personalized discount coupon that expires in 1 to 3 days, creating a sense of urgency and boosting conversions.

Advanced Subscription Management

The subscribers may choose to opt in or opt some of newsletters you offer. This enables them to receive only the contents they like at the frequency they prefer, resulting in a higher subscription retention rate.



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