Next Customer Order

Next Customer Order

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Auto tag orders & customers, Auto edit orders & Boost loyalty

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Automatically tag orders and customers to reward and incentivise repeat purchases.


Modify line items in an order by adding and removing products and adjusting quantities.


Create opt-in URLs that will automatically apply a promotional discount or bonus.

À propos de Next Customer Order

Do amazing things when customers place an order in your store.

Next Customer Order will take your customer engagement and retention to the next level. The app provides advanced marketing tools to increase your conversion rate, improve your customer life-time value, and drive brand loyalty.

Next Customer Order lets you create rules to tag customers and orders or modify an order’s line items. First you select Who the rule will apply to, then you select What the rule does, then you select When the rule will be active.

You could create a rule to apply a VIP tag to all customers who purchase a particular product, or even give them a free T-Shirt, product upgrade, or some bonus offer. You could have that rule apply just once to a very lucky customer, for a limited time, or as often as you like.


You can target a list of specific customers if you want to create some advanced personalisation and engagement tactics, perhaps to reactivate them as a customer.

You can target groups of customers that meet particular criteria, such as purchasing a particular product or living in a particular region.

You can create an opt-in link that customers can click to trigger the rule, that could be used in call-to-action links in email campaigns, landing pages, or on the order confirmation page.


You can tag a customer or order, for example, to tag all customers who purchase a particular product or live in a particular place. This is incredibly powerful as a way to automate segmentation and drive targeted email and promotional campaigns.

You can modify the line items of an order, swap a product, modify the quantity, or remove the product entirely. So for example, you might like to give customers who purchase a newly launched product an additional bonus product when they make their next purchase.


You can limit the number of times customers can activate the rule, in total, per customer, or across a time period. Or, let the rule be executed an unlimited number of times!

Next Customer Order will help your store by:

  • Tagging customers and orders based on purchase patterns or particular products, you can better segment and target your customers with ongoing offers and promotions.
  • Helping you identify and reward high value and returning customers, and boost average life-time value through personalised experiences.
  • Increasing the number of returning customers and reducing abandoned carts through adding free gift items or upgrading products to a premium variant.
  • Allowing you to easily provide bonus offers and extra value to your customers and increase your conversion rates.

Support & Feature Requests:

We provide active support for Next Customer Order, and invite you to contact us about any questions or new features you’d like to see.

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  • 1 general or opt-in rule
  • 16 specific events per month

The Groove

$16 par mois

$0.20 per event after limit

  • 5 general or opt-in rules
  • 64 specific events per month

The Goods

$24 par mois

$0.15 per event after limit

  • 10 general or opt-in rules
  • 128 specific events per month

The Greats

$36 par mois

$0.15 per event after limit

  • Unlimited general or opt-in rules
  • 256 specific events per month

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