Next Customer Order

Next Customer Order


Tag Order/Customer, Auto Edit Orders & Boost Brand Loyalty

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Target a specific customer next time they place an order, a group based on rules or create an opt in URL that can be sent via email.


When the rule triggers apply a tag to the customer or order, or modify the line items in the order, swap, add or remove.


Limit rules to a set number per customer or in total or unlimited times.

Next Customer Order 정보

Do amazing things when customers place an order on your store.

“Next Customer Order” helps you in managing returning customers. It creates specific offers when the next order is placed by an existing customer. It helps in engaging and retaining customers.

Basically, Next Customer Order provides marketing tactics and capabilities from which you can increase your conversion rate, improve your Customer Lifetime-Value (LTV), and leverage brand loyalty.


Target individual customers - Perfect for customer service recovery or VIP customer benefits or define a set of rules to capture a segment of customers or a group based on ordering behaviour.

Alternatively you can generate a URL that can be used to manually opt in. These are great for sending as a CTA in emails or displaying on the order confirmation page.


Choose to tag a customer or order to facilitate further downstream functions or processing.

Modify the line items of an order, swap a product, modify the quantity or remove the product entirely.


Limit the number customers can activate a rule, either the total number of executions or limit to a number per customer - or let the rule be executed an unlimited number of times.

How to use this app:

  • Identify existing customers to perform and advanced personalised action.
  • This could be based on the total number of orders or the amount of purchase.
  • Two actions can be performed on these customers, either tag these or manage their cart items.
  • Managing cart items includes adding free gift items, upgrading the product to a premium variant, increment or decrement in quantity or removing a specific item.
  • Tagging will help in identifying customers with specific purchase patterns, like returning purchase, Average order value(AOV) over $100 or high purchase value items.
  • These customers will be having this advanced feature for a specific limited period or limited action occurrence.

How it will help stores:

  • Whenever a customer purchases with a specific pattern based on product or purchase value, by tagging you get a potential customer with more benefits.
  • Conversion rate can be increased by providing more value to the purchase.
  • It’ll increase returning customers and reduce abandoned carts.
  • You can provide more value to the high value customers (by purchase amount), like tagging as a “VIP” customer.
  • By tagging, you can do customer segmentation for email marketing & sms marketing.

미디어 갤러리


  • 개인정보처리방침




  • 1 general or opt-in rule
  • 16 specific events per month

The Groove


$0.20 per event after limit

  • 5 general or opt-in rules
  • 64 specific events per month

The Goods


$0.15 per event after limit

  • 10 general or opt-in rules
  • 128 specific events per month

The Greats


$0.15 per event after limit

  • Unlimited general or opt-in rules
  • 256 specific events per month

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