NoCode Subscriptions

NoCode Subscriptions

提供者:mixlogue, Inc.

Completely no-code subscription/recurring purchases

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Completely NO CODE

There is no need for complicated work that would require a designer or engineer to do.

No need to edit theme files

No need to edit the theme file. There are no conflicts with other apps or themes.

Wide variety of sales options

You can also set up intervals and discounts for each order and delivery. Prepaid sales and license key sales are also supported.

关于 NoCode Subscriptions

Sell subscriptions with no code

By using this application, subscriptions can be realized with "no code" (no code is a technology that allows you to create an online store without programming).

After installation, just add the order cycle settings and click the "Enable" button to start selling subscriptions right away.

Subscription Settings

  • Order Cycle
  • Delivery Cycle
  • Maximum number of purchases
  • Minimum number of purchases
  • Discounts (amount, percentage, product price)

All automatic

  • When you set up subscriptions on the product management page, the selling options will be automatically displayed on the product detail page.
  • All shopping cart and checkout are also automatically optimized for subscription sales.

Full Customer's Page functionality.

  • The customer's page will also automatically display a screen to check the details of the subscriptions.
  • Customers can change their shipping address and payment method from customer's page.
  • What the customer can do in customer's page can be controlled in detail in the option settings.

Customer's page features that can be controlled by option settings.

  • Enable cancellation
  • Allow schedule changes
  • Enable Order Now
  • Enable to change quantity

Prepaid sales

  • Support prepaid sales, where payment is in one lump sum and products are delivered monthly after ordering.

License key management function

  • Supports not only physical product sales, but also download sales and license key sales.

Other features.

  • You can freely edit the subject and body of emails sent to your customers.
  • You can also receive a copy of the email.
  • History display of order information associated with the subscription.
  • Display of scheduled shipping information for subscription orders







  • Initial 20 subscription contracts
  • No automatic upgrade to a paid plan
  • Clean Uninstall



  • 0% transaction fee
  • Unlimited orders
  • Fully flat-rate with no additional fees

* 所有费用均以USD结算。
** 经常性费用(包括每月费用或基于使用情况的费用)每 30 天收取一次。

5.0 评分


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