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NoFollow & NoIndex Manager

NoFollow & NoIndex Manager

Developed by ZXDigital Ltd

23 reviews
Price: $1.00 / month Free Trial: 5 days More info
  • Enjoy more control over your search engine rankings
  • Bring in more business from organic search traffic
  • Only $1 per month - Free 5 day trial!

Make Search Engines Your Friend

At last, there's an easy-to-use tool to help store owners take control of all their NoFollow and NoIndex attribute tagging! The NoFollow & NoIndex Manager is a simple plugin with a swift install that gives you more control over where search engines go on your store and what they remember, helping you rank better in search, bring in more customers, and make more money!

Protect Your Hard-Earned Search Rankings

When search engines follow a link from your site, they make a value judgement of the destination. If it's a poor quality site, the search engine will think less of you for linking to it. That means links in user comments, embedded content from elsewhere, and anything you can't vouch for might be affecting your search ranking. The NoFollow attribute tells search engines you can't take responsibility for the target page, and search engines won't associate you with them, protecting your ranking.

Tell Google Where (Not) To Go

You may not want search engines to index all pages of your site - pages with the NoIndex attribute aren't remembered by search engines, and won't show up in search results. That's perfect for things like special promotion pages you only want your customers with an email link to have access to, or for employee-only pages Joe Public has no need to see.

Block Search Engines from:-

  • Products

  • Collections (custom and smart)

  • Collection Vendors

  • Blog articles

  • Pages

  • Search pages

  • Tags (e.g. product tags)

No More Duplicate Content Woes

NoIndexing duplicate instances of your content - like printer-friendly or mobile versions of pages, or even nested collections - is also a solid defense against search engine algorithms targeting duplicate or low-quality content, such as Google's Panda.

Free 5 Day Trial

Sound good? Take NoFollow & NoIndex Manager for a free spin with our 5 day trial, and see for yourself just how easy to use and effective it is!

Need More Control?

Want to take your Shopify store SEO to the next level? The SEO & Social Meta Manager can handle all your NoFollow & NoIndex needs as well as provide the ultimate tool for optimising your Shopify Store, with page titles and descriptions, easy social sharing control, sitewide NOODP and NOYDIR tagging and much more.

NoFollow & NoIndex Manager reviews

23 reviews
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  3. 3 stars (1 review)
  4. 2 stars (1 review)
  5. 1 star (9 reviews)

Just continuing to note what others have already stated... used to be a great app but then completely stopped working... selecting into a product or page for me now only brings up an error page noting server error.

I have tried emailing support multiple times but have received nothing back — will be removing the app and looking for an alt solution. Shame because this used to be a great app!


As others have said, stopped working a while ago, no updates from dev.


Stopped working and absolutely no support at all as reported by others below. I don't know where the good reviews come from as all we get now is a server error and probably has for months looking at the other complaints.. Emails go unanswered. I don't think they even care anymore. Deleting it today but probably stuck with no index pages that probably on THEY can remove. Shopify needs to drop this app immediately.


Tried contacting the app developer via email and telephone; all to no avail.

This is not worth the price of the free trial!! Negative 5 stars!


This is the worst customer support that we have ever seen. They don't exist!!! The app worked perfectly during the trial period, but in last one month, it was showing some error. We raised the issue with their support team, but they didn't even bother to reply even once.
Better you save your dollar and go for some other app. This is good for nothing.


it's the worst application i've ever seen of my life! it don't work at all.Support never answer you and they seem to make fake reviews for convince customer to buy it.Even 1$/month it's too much for this awful app


super helpful app but slow to use. It needs a bulk editor to make the process of no indexing go quicker. We will see if it helps with SEO.


100% satisfactory ! it is a great app, that i can nofollow my special pages !
it is very easy to handle it.


A nice concept, but customer support doesn't exist.


I don't see this changing anything in Google Search Console. Junk app and I'm almost certain the creator of this app doesn't even manage this anymore. Should probably be deleted from the app store.


I think the app is great in concept; however, I wish you could bulk edit the products (somewhat like bulk editing the products in Shopify). I could not figure out how to do this- if it is available, it is not obvious. The only thing I could see was to apply to ALL products or each one by one. I have thousands of products in my store and would love to have a list where I could check off each one that I wanted to apply the "No follow" to, instead of clicking on EACH individual product to which I want this applied. I currently need it applied to probably 70% of the products in my store, but NOT all. I reached out to support and never heard back- it's been a few weeks now. So I love the idea, but I don't think it is going to be useful for me.

$1.00 / month
5 days

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