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22. september 2023

Very disappointing from a designer's perspective. Most of the products do not have extensive size choices even if there are many so-called size options, and most are "Out of Stock" and have been for months. Not impressed. I am not addressing the quality of the "merch" as the app never had enough design mojo to bother ordering samples. Also, bringing anything to the attention of customer care led to repeated and repeated emails wanting to know "How are we doing?" Not so good, try offering products that are in stock or quit bothering to offer them. And get off your "tiny people" notions of fashion, please.

River Jade Smithy
3 måneder bruker appen
NovaTomato svarte 26. september 2023

We apologize for any disappointment you experienced as a designer. We understand the importance of offering a wide range of sizes and acknowledge that we have fallen short of your expectations. We regularly update our product offerings, so please stay tuned with us.

We also appreciate your feedback on our design options and Customer Care emails. Your input is valuable, and we will strive to enhance our offerings and communication. Thank you for bringing these concerns to our attention as we continuously work to improve the customer experience.

NovaTomato Team

6. september 2023

Well, the design lab is great in theory, but the colors on the mock ups DO NOT match what actually comes on the products. And it's not even close. Then there's the sizing chart. Pay very close attention to that. I ordered the largest polo shirt they offer and it was at least two sizes smaller than what would fit me. I spent countless hours designing almost 100 products for my store and now can't use any of them.

Don't bother with customer service, they will just give you the runaround and ask you a million ridiculous questions and then tell you you're just out of luck if you want a refund.

I could have probably dealt with the color issues, but the tiny sizes the garments come in puts this company that I had high hopes for in the "nope" bucket.

Rundt 1 måned bruker appen
NovaTomato svarte 8. september 2023

We appreciate your valuable feedback and sincerely apologize for the issues you encountered with our products. We deeply regret that they did not meet your expectations. We understand your concerns regarding color accuracy, as it can be challenging to achieve a perfect match due to various factors such as display monitor settings and fabric variations. Nevertheless, we are committed to improving in this aspect.

Please be assured that we are actively addressing the sizing concerns raised by our customers. Our products are produced in accordance with our size chart. We greatly value customer feedback and take it seriously as we continuously strive for improvement.

We're sorry to hear about your customer service experience. Your input helps us improve, and we hope to have another chance to meet your expectations in the future. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

NovaTomato Team